Vibrant Energy Paintings By Venus Andrecht


TINY ART #17 $55 Includes shipping/handling

Let Art Mojos Change Your Life! Always Be Surrounded By Vibrant Good Energies Working For You To Bring In Happiness And All Good Things.
These are All ORIGINAL ART WORKS infused with Good Mojo Energy; they are not prints

"Hello Venus! I got the painting. Your work is even more BEAUTIFUL in person! Your weaving of paint, words and Mojo makes me feel lifted up; like I'm being tickled; lightness. Like the air and my insides are surrounded by & filled up with beautiful champagne bubbles!! I totally love how God expresses Itself through you!" Gaelynne

*Be sure and click on the paintings several times to zoom them up to see the brush strokes.*   (Venus)


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I found the link and was pleasantly surprised with all the BEAUTIFUL paintings.
-- Diane, 3/15/11

How do I see more paintings? Beautiful, can't wait till I can afford one.
-- Diane, 3/15/11

Venus Andrecht is considered a Rare Spirit Painter

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