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Poetry directory

Categories :: Literature :: Poetry

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MASKI come from the inner-city of Boston. I was one of the original Boston Graffiti Artists from the 80's. I did my 1st big mural in the city when I was a teenager back in 1986, the piece made the Sunday Paper. It was a handball court close to Downtown...
David Lee BlackPhotography
NORIC  Wellness Center and Fine Art GalleryNoric Fine Art Gallery- a place where colorful palettes meet canvases and speculation abounds.
Cloud 9 Lightningget to later
MoonDome Creations by Miriam S-AA place where creative thoughts from Spirit manifest into art works, items, and tools for your life.
The Art of Duane Kirby JensenI believe, for a person to truly feel a painting or poem, an artist or poet needs to be a fearless seeker of truth. To reveal the honesty of emotion within ones subject. If this is done, the experience will linger in viewer/readers mind.
       Fine Art,  Murals,  Custom PaintingsArt Zone Studio is our Fine Arts Studio located in Ottawa ON where we paint on canvas We also do Murals, specialty paint & stone finishes Enjoy, Terry & Letitia
Pamela Cole/QueeniesArt GalleryArt made during a very inspiring and tumultuous love affair ending in the death of my partner of a rare and incurable disease. Every piece created has a life and story of it's own filled with various emotions Now rebuilding my life by creating new art.
Beverly Post-SchmelerOriginal paintings in watercolours, oils, and acrylics.
Lois Crawford PainterMy web-site is meant to introduce my work to people who may not have seen it elsewhere.My goal has always been to be as free as I can while also attempting to remember (or forget!) all the contrasting "rules" that art instructors declare to be true.
harry's arti'm a regular guy trying to get better at this "living" thing. some days i do better than others. basically, i muddle thru. seeing that what i do automatically as artistic is, oftentimes, absurd to me. I try to reframe that tho, by using my everyday...
Liilia MorrisonVisual and written expressions - for free and for fun
Grafixgirlive Art Galleries, Poetry, Essays, Spiritual Science  I like to share with you my artwork, my thoughts and personal experiences . Spiritual Growth , Awakening, Buddha, HPB, metaphysics, Quantum Consciousness, Peace on Earth, the Universe - Cosmic Divine. The Light. We Are The One...... Welcome to my world!
ARTcherie-Designs By Penelope : Portraits, Jewelry, PaintingArt is captured, created, and shared. My greatest joy is capturing a moment, emotion, setting and making a flat surface take shape with shadow, color, and texture in paintings, portraits, jewelry, and photos. Let me make ART a pART of your life!
Dorrellart, The Paintings of David DorrellAcrylic paintings and computer graphics in a realistic style
Matthew Craig WellsMatthew Craig Wells Ph.D., also known as Matt "Luther" Wells of the blues-rock band Blue Steel 44 is a political philosopher, poet, author, songwriter, musician and artist....His music has reached an international audience....
Carole W. PhotographyBlack and white landscape photography
...I am an independent artist from Canada living in the USA :) MA -Philosophy MFA- Painting (currently)
R. Allan Lister, fine artistUsing various foundations such as canvas, wood, paper, masonite and "anything that holds still," R. "Allan" Lister expresses his love for painting. His subjects include a wide variety of subject matter. Please come in and take the tour.
Carla Kathryn Cope Inc.I create images of my passions, expressing my souls purpose. I am moved by the beauty we see all around us, be it flower or the human body. I work under the premise of energy flow, following the movement, forms, and colors. I chose to express positive.
Anna Gibbs PhotographyEverything that catches my eye and beyond
       VIRGINIARTVirginia, a painter from Italy. Oil on canvas, watercolors, mixed media.......
Together Again Memory Beads by Christina ColeChristina is a glass artist since 1997. She creates glass beads, jewelry and home accents. She also teaches glass beadmaking in San Diego, California. Her specialty is offering sentimental Memory Beads for those who have lost a loved one.
melissa abshiredrawings, paintings, and photography
Janel Motichka HernandezFine Art inspired by nature and spirituality including: paintings, photographs, collages, jewelry, fiber and textile art Healing Arts include: Art activities for self discovery, Usui Reiki and Pranic healing
Marlene CooperDigital and Traditional paintings from the American artist Marlene Cooper.
Renaissancegal Artoriginal paintings reproduced into prints . 16x20 prints of art $50, 8x10 Photography prints $25 each all 8x10 contact seller for custom or different sizes
Gavin Black.Hi, I'm Gavin Black, I like to draw, and create any sort of art, I'm multi-talented and want my work to be well-known someday, and I'm generally trying to get pictures sent to me, for idea's on what to draw.
Zeljka Bosnjak - Poetry Croatian Poetry and lyrics by Zeljka Bosnjak - Melody Rose
Sunil VernekarPhotography, Artwork
Tracey IppolitoI know a secret world. I bring this world to you.
The Freako DivaThe Freako Diva is a rare blog about opera, classical music and sometimes classical literature. It may sometimes include art and historic landmarks but the main theme is opera. Parodies of librettos and some operatic short stories may also appear. Enjoy!
Stephanie Levay The portfolio of Stephanie Levay.
sphere of creative pursuitsLandscape imagery, evoking the splendour of our natural environs.
Prabha Swaminathan - Personal collectionsA personal collection of finger paintings, morning musings and write-ups.
B Suttlesdesignsmy website is of portraits,painted tables,sketches and more
Kim BenvieI draw portraits of celebrities, scenes from movies, anything to Disney, to Sailor Moon, animals. Have a request? I'd be glad to draw it for you.
Michael Russell - My art for saleI hope that you enjoy the samples my art works exhibited here.
Eva Fidjelandhttp://EvaFidjeland.n.nu
Daniel Potter for saleopen market
Harris A Byerley I have a passionate desire to share the gifts I've been blessed with, and thus, aid in the enjoyment of others to share, through visual means, their appreciation of the blessing of sight.
Boos Art GalleryThis website is basically a catch-all for my art. Spanning from doodles to paintings to collage, you can view everything I've made right here in my gallery. I hope you like what you see!
TOM CASH ARTTom Cash's art works are representational, abstract, surrealistic, and sometimes highly detailed. They reflect the artist's journey through American life with humor, theatricality and occasional naughtiness in a unique portrayal of the human condition.
Melanie Moore ~ Soul DanceAvailable for dance performance and modeling
Ikon IconThe face is psychologically the most recognizable image. Draw two dots and a line and you see a face. It is also the most vulnerable image to produce, and the most satisfying.
Emma MorrisseyPortrait artist, film maker, performer & writer.
Marko KlompPoetry and paintings
Kay Rivers writes Karen Walenga Sahuarita Sun. Her works are surreal, abstract and impressionistic. Commission Artist, portraits, surreal, EASEL ARTaffair, San Diego Spirits Festival Cocktail of Artists, Via Pointe Event and Thursdays On The Coast, Carlsbad, CA.
¡Logica!Art! Custom & Celebrity Portraits, Paintings, Enviro-Collage, Originals, Prints & Greeting Cards Available. Guestbook, Blog, & More. www.aimlogica.com
Erin X. SmithersA bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. - Chinese Proverb My pictures are the songs from the bottom of my heart.
Jill Telford's ArtSharing art visually and through words. Enjoy.
See Through ArtArt can heal, stir, relax, or energize the viewer, because color and vibration are one with each other. Specific colors invoke particular responses. That's why my art is chosen for important spaces in homes, offices and medical facilities.
PERE SALVÀ ARTWORKS I paint, draw, comics, illustrations, make exibitions of my artwork since 2007. Pinto, dibujo, Comics, ilustraciones. Hago expos de my artwork desde el año 2007
Asante Riverwind ArtsFine Art, paintings, pen & ink, sculpture, prints, murals & commissions
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