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I have many different roles in this life, past and present. Presently I am the mother of three boys (6 year old, and 18 month twins), a wife, an avid exerciser, a caretaker of people with severe and profound disabilities and a community volunteer. In the past I have been everything from a gymnastics coach, art teacher, program manager, and starving artist with a studio in Detroit.

I started my career as an artist as a young girl making drawings from a step-by-step book. With encouragement from my big sister I started filling up sketch books, taking high school art classes and submitting work for art shows. Before long I was at starting my freshman year the Savannah College of Art and Design. I finished my degree at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI and was accepted into the Master's program at University of Cincinnati. Maybe one day I will start and finish a Master's Degree, but for now I am happy creating on a smaller scale here at home; painting murals on friends' walls, designing art projects for children in the community and inspiring my own kids to use both sides of their brain and all of their heart. I too am still in search of my true purpose in this world. But painting by painting, I think I am getting closer.

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