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Artist directory :: tomconradstudio

It was a sunny April morning when I painted this scene with pastel chalks.  Redbud at Blue Limestone Park

Plein air paintings

During the 19th century after manufacturers made the paint portable with tubes, painting outdoors became very popular especially in France as well as in America including, for example, the Pennsylvania Impressionists. Outdoor painting continues to be both fun and challenging. This gallery includes several of my outdoor paintings.

Old Stone House Dublin
Old Stone House

Morning Haze
Morning Haze


Acres of Goldenrod
Acres of

April Shadow
April Shadow

Tree Stump
Tree Stump

Garden Shed
Garden Shed

October Scene
October Scene

Ruth Ann's backyard
Ruth Ann's



Oil and Acrylic paintings In this gallery you will find examples of my oil paintings. Many are plein aire painting which are done quickly out of doors often in morning light.

Watercolors In this gallery you will find examples of my watercolor work several of which are executed on a relatively new surface called yupo.

Pastels Initially I learned to paint with pastel chalks. There is a purity of color with pastels that cannot be replicated in other media.

Kitchen Art Is your kitchen an art free zone? Original art work can do wonders to brighten a kitchen, especially work that is "kitchen appropriate." Here are some examples of art work that will bring fresh color and interest to your kitchen.

Alleyscapes Delaware Ohio The paintings in this gallery are composed of scenes from alleys in Delaware, Ohio. Each is an 11" x 14" framed oil painting. Walking the alleys is like time travel to the 19th century where one finds barns, carriage houses, and the backyards of Victorian homes.



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197 W. Lincoln Avenue
Delaware, OH 43015
United States


thomas r conrad 
Thomas Conrad is a native Ohio artist who began to paint seriously after a career in higher education and non-profit management. Tom is a graduate of Wittenberg University with a Ph.D in political science from the University of Massachusetts. He and Pat retired to Delaware, Ohio in 2006. Tom’s artistic style is loosely representational and he works in watercolor, acrylic and pastel. The master artists Tom admires most include Monet, John Singer Sargeant, and the American impressionists including Hassam. Tom is a plein air painter and often paints outdoors with other artists from the Central Ohio Plein Air Society. He has exhibited work in Lambertville, NJ, Allentown, Pennsylvania, East Greenville, Pennsylvania, Hazleton, Pennsylvania, and at venues in Delaware and Columbus, Ohio. His work has won numerous awards. "I enjoy painting in part because it is rewarding to see the natural world from the painter’s perspective. Artists often see subtle colors where others see only browns and grays. When I paint...


Crab Nebula
The Hubble Telescope has given the world wonderful pictures from deep space. It seems to me this is as exciting a time in astronomy as it must have been when Galileo first showed his friends the moon through his primitive telescope. The Hubble pictures raise an interesting question about the distinction between abstract and representational art.
October of Life
I love October. It is the best month of the year for painting outdoors. Last Saturday morning our Ohio Plein Air members painted at a park on the southeast side of Columbus.
Applesauce Tree
In our backyard there is an old apple tree that yield several pints of delicious apple sauce each summer. It is just the perfect blend of tartness and sweetness. It is also our grandchildren's favorite climbing tree.
Eggplant and Sunflower
Over the weekend I completed a small still life of an eggplant sitting in from of a glass jar with a sunflower in it. These seem to me to be the essence of August in Ohio where the vegatable gardens are peaking out and the sunflowers are at their most majestic. This may be my favorite month of the year.
Rainy Night on Winter Street
I see opportunities for paintings in strange places. I am especially interested in the nexus between realism and abstraction. The reflections of neon signs and street lamps on a rainy night create incredible colors and abstract patterns in the concrete and blacktop of streets and sidewalks.
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