October of Life

I love October.  It is the best month of the year for painting outdoors.  Last Saturday morning our Ohio Plein Air members painted at a park on the southeast side of Columbus. It was the first weekend in October. We met  early in the morning when the sun was just beginning to burn away the haze.  One must paint fast to capture light that is changing so quickly.   That reality is part of the challenge of plein air painting.  Perhaps as I turn 70 in January,  October seems especially significant this year. 


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What a lovely picture! No matter where I am, I love October. Memories of October in Ohio are etched in my memory.
-- Carole (Twark) Josh, 10/30/09

Melodie ThompsonThe warmth you're displaying in your landscapes is beautiful!
-- Melodie Thompson, 10/28/09

beautiful painting Tom
-- Lynne Hlavin, 10/7/09

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