Tuan Tran - Couture Fashion and ART
Recycled Materials are the Ethos of my Fashion Design & Art


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Recent Stunning Creations    A variety of new Tuan Tran Couture garments

OriWear            Woven from re-purposed cloth materials  

Wire and other re-purposed materials.

Spring 2013        Stunning New Looks & Necklaces !

Wire Sculpture
  Variety of sculptures from recycled telephone and electrical WIRE

                      Large variety of pieces created from re-purposed materials

Tuan was delighted to be an honored guest at the May 4, 2014 Ao Dai Fashion Show - (Traditional Vietnamese fashion) at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, attending with the stunning Deana Watney they were standouts at the event ! 


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 Tuan A TranSan Francisco, CA(415) 205-9986
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