I am going to have work featured in a MOVIE!


I just delivered 4 of my pieces (The Road, Not just opportunity knocks, Sing the words to every lie you've heard, and My heart for you) to the set of a movie being shot here in Phoenix!  The movie, "Valley of the sun", is about a wealthy man living in LA who wakes up one day, decides his life is without meaning, and moves back home into his parents house.  Who happen to live in Sun City, a retirement community here which is famous for the fact that the majority of it's residents drive golf carts.  Casting director did Napolean Dynomite, so probably the same sort of movie. 

My piece called The Road is sized 32 x 50 inches for the movie, and will be featured several times in the opening sequence.  All the pieces are being used on the set of the multi-million dollar home, which is rather cool.  Means they thought my pieces looked like they would belong in a multi million dollar house. 

Cast and crew are going to sign the back of The Road, and I get that piece back.  I also get a mention in the "Special Thanks" credits at the end of the movie, and the set designer has passed my name on to others in his position.  All in all, I am pretty excited by that.

Best part is, they "discovered" my art while attending a local artwalk (First Friday's in Phoenix, one of the largest monthly artwalks in the country).  So, moral of the story is .... find every way you can to get your work out there, you never know what might happen!

Maynard Breese
"Will I still be soiled, once the dirt is gone?"



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That is awesome!
-- Sarah Klamm, 8/28/10


If you are an artist looking for giclee work, please email me for a price quote. I use a Canon IPF8100 12 color pigment printer and archival materials, and print for several dozen artists.

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