Feed Bag Aprons

 Feed Bag Aprons
Feed Bag Aprons

While living in a rural community, aprons became my answer to repurposing both my feed bags as well as my friends' and neighbors'. 
 Bags such as these store feed for such animals as birds, chickens, llamas, horses, deer ..
 The feed bags are very colorful, but are made of woven polypropylene which cannot be recycled. Barns everywhere were storing these empty bags not wanting them to be thrown in a landfill, never to decompose.
 I soon found myself collecting them to repurpose them. 

Thus began my journey to recycle bag after bag. My aprons have hand-sewn zippers, colorful buttons, measuring tape used as draw strings and thrift shop belts used for neck ties. The final touch is drawing a bit of whimsy onto the aprons using paint marker. 
 The entire apron can be wiped down with a sponge and used for many chores inside and outside your home.

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