Alice Babcock Lynch, "Ali", usually works in water color and oils, but has recently started painting in gouache. Her subjects are primarily animals including birds of prey, wild horses, deer, African animals, birds, and large apes of the world. 

In addition to being inspired by the beauty and grace of the animals and their habitats, she believes that "when we strive to protect and preserve our wildlife, it is only then when we are truly protecting ourselves ..." 

Ali learned to draw and paint at the tender age of five, and has been painting professionally since the age of sixteen.  She is a member of a family that has several acclaimed artists. Her grandfather painted wildflowers and songbirds on glass; and her mother, her original teacher, paints landscapes and children in oil on canvas with a pallet knife. Ms. Lynch's daughters, Leah Sarah Bassett and Rachael Cathlene
 Bassett, are also talented artists, as is her twin sister Susan Babcock Coleman, living in Ireland with her husband and children. 

Ali's husband Bob, is not only her anchor, but is the love of her life; he supports her goals and ambitions in every way. 

Originally from the Berkshire Mountains region of Massachusetts, she was a resident of Maryland from 1991 until she returned home to Massachusetts in 
May of 2005. Ali and her family has most recently moved to the Melbourne.  Merritt Island area of Florida.  The abundant wildlife and beauty of he area will surely inspire. In addition to her paintings, Ali is well known through out the northeastern United States, England, and Switzerland for her Old World style woodcarvings of wild fowl, animals, the human body, as well as full size carousel horses, or the carousel animal, birds of prey, and shore birds. 

 Along with creating original works of art, Ali "aspires to educate and inspire all who see her work so they may appreciate wildlife; to seek [and] protect them and to conserve their native habitats."



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