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Wood Carvings Wood Carvings
This is a collection of hand carved pieces of art by Alice Babcock Lynch, such a water fowl, fish, carousel horses.

Original Works of Art Original Works of Art
A collection of paintings, wood carvings and photographs by Alice Babcock depicting the grace and beauty of wild life.

Antique Decoy Carvings Antique Decoy Carvings
I have compiled a wonderful collection of antique hand carved decoys. Some of these pieces date from the mid 1800's to early to mid 1900's. These are not only beautiful works s of art, but they were actual working decoys.
Before the days of having the convenience of running down to the corner market for our meats, we actually had to go out and hunt for our food. Because of this need, wood carvers were commissioned to carve decoys of all species of birds and fowl to lure in the prey, hence talented artist were born.

Some of these beautiful works of art made by such carvers as Massachusetts’s Elmer Crowell and Lothrop Holmes now sell at galleries and auctions for $830,000 to 850,000! The work that went into some of these pieces is unbelievable.

These talented artists come from all over the world. My husband and I have been collecting pieces from carvers from all over the US and Canada. These carving are old and have been used, which can be seen in the gentle aging of the wood to the lovely patina of their pant. There are some carvings that are simple with beautiful lines, while others have detailed feather carvings, and lovely painting. Each unique style is like the finger print of the artist.

As a wildlife artist, I have been inspired by many of these artists, as I am sure you will see what I mean. If you would like to know more some of the best carvers of all time, please check out one of my favorite galleries and auction house I myself have some of my work displayed there as well as other new contemporary carvers whom have been inspired by the old masters.

The public has discovered some of these beautiful works of art in such places as old attics, basement, and estate sales. If you by chance have the luck to come across any of these old carvings, don’t miss the chance to purchase them. You will not be sorry! If you have any questions about them, I would be happy to help you to identify and appraise them for you.

Don’t forget the “factory carvings” these were the mass produced pieces. Some of the factory carvings of Mason, Wildfowler, Stevens are highly collectable. A Mason Premier Grade wood duck drake, ca. 1905, sold at auction in 2000 for $354,500!

Please take your time to view some of the carvings my husband and I have collected. If you can, you should do some research on some of these old time carvers; some of their biographies are amazing. These talented artists are just now being appreciated for their beautiful work.

Most of my carvings are for sale. If you would like to know more about a carving, such as its history, the carver or the age, please don't hesitate to contact me. I would love to help you. Enjoy!

Wildlife Photographs Wildlife Photographs
This is a compilation of photographs that I have taken of the wild life along my travels. Enjoy.

Photographs Photographs
This is a colection of photographs of interest people and places.

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