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I really like this website. I visit often to get updates and learn new things about the military and veterans. I have come across many other great websites that are very informative. One website is U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs ( On this website I frequently learn about the latest money available to veterans, benefits for veterans and their families, where to get discounts for veterans, and I get free things from their veteran giveaway program. Keep up the good work. I will pass the word about your website and I will visit again. Thanks!
-- Katalea , 6/6/13

Alice -- are you my favourite Scrabble player?? If you are, I am missing playing against you on Facebook Scrabble. If you're not, never mind :) Jann
-- Jann Harrison, 11/17/12

very interested when and if you add any other decoys for sale on your site...primarily older, working ones
-- Judy Mccann, 1/1/10

These are beautiful. I'm excited and it seems impossible to learn how to paint, but here goes!
-- Annette Kramek, 11/9/09

Alice, My favorite is the redtail hawk.....I would love to have one of your works....I have to say that I love the birds of prey that you've done over the years.
-- Kelvin P. Lynch, 9/22/09

 Alice Babcock LynchMelbourne, FL413 2815107