For more of my stuff ( even the embarrassing things), you can check out my Deviant Art page:

I am a member of the Scary Art Collective:

Here are some great art organizations you can check out!

Heart of Chaos Collective

FRPArt (Functional Restoration Program Art)

Spectrum of The Arts

Vernon Davis foundation For the Arts

Here are some other great artist you can check out!

Michelle Budziak Photography

Sonja Caldwell

Erica Atreya

Nicolas Caesar

Shannon Amidon

Michael Foley

John Cloud

David Canavese

Zenning Clothing

Jared Konopitski

Christine Benjamin

Social Vermyn

Trina Merry

Minoule Art

Paul J. Gonzales art Studios

Joseph Demaree Artist and Musician

Lacey Bryant

Thomas Morrow

Eric Joyner - Donuts and Robots

Laura Callin Bennet

Leah Jay

Chris Kisler

Bugs and Monsters

Susan Rankin-Pollard

Phlower Jewelry


J. G. Angeles

Ike Greca

Matt Deterior


Adam Brobjorg

Kristen Pollok

Amy-Elyse Neer

Ann Erpino Fine Art

Crystal Close Artist

Sacred Coyote

Here are some galleries and other good art event resources:

Psycho Donuts

Kaleid Gallery

The Usuals

Anno Domini

Canvas Ghost

The San Jose Metro

San Jose First Fridays


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