BEN WANG - Ben Wang - Oil Paintings
Ben Wang - Oil Paintings


Ben Wang - A Taiwanese-Israeli Oil paintings Artist.

Born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1958.

From a very early age Ben showed a great interest in the arts and took private painting lessons from well-known artists in Taiwan. Soon after that he started to express himself through his own paintings.

In 1978 Ben graduated from the well-known Art school "Fu Hsin" in Taipei, where he studied a variety of subject disciplines including graphic designing, Sketching Sculpture, photography and Paintings.

Ben Wang has been living in Jerusalem since 1994. He met his Israeli wife during her studies in Taipei and decided to follow her and relocate to Israel. Surprisingly his wife happened to be the granddaughter of the famous painter Abel Pann. It seems that the art that flows in their blood immediately bonded them for a multi-cultural relationship.In Israel Ben continued to seek for inspiration for his paintings,when strolling on the country paths, he was often attracted by the olive trees, cactuses, and blooming flowers that where all around him.
His paintings are strongly influenced by the special scenery and atmosphere of Israel as he sees it through his eyes. He decided to dedicate his life to paint his impressions of the landscape of the Holy land.

Ben mostly uses a spatula (shpachtel) as his drawing tool.

A Cactus is considered to be a symbol of a native born Israeli. Stiff in the outside but tender in the inside. His Cactus (Sabres) paintings have been sold around the world and they represent his love for Israel.

In recent years he participated in a few exhibitions all over Israel in order to expose himself to the Israeli public who embraced him with a lot of interest.

He also had a few exhibitions in Taiwan which were very successful and plants more in the future.







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