-- Marlene Wagner, 1/30/20

Wow, I am in total awe of your creations!! What a treat this is to look at your offerings and your incredible garments! Have a beautiful Sunday! I am so enjoying your website and story!!! Barb
-- Barbara Kull, 9/9/18

I love your creations!!!
-- Beth Weathers, 11/8/15

What a nice surprise to find your web site. I've written it down so I can find you again. I have two repro Bleuettes and enjoy them very much.
-- Joy Kramer, 9/15/15

Thank you for the step by step directions for the rain suit and the hat. I do much better with pictures than with just written directions so this is perfect for me. I am lucky enough to have some things by Bluebird Textiles from several years back and am so excited to find more of your fantastic creations for sale on this site. You are so very talented!!! Thank you.
-- Danica Woody, 9/6/15

I just love all of your details --that's what tells a story and always makes me smile! And, the outfits are even more charming in person :-)
-- Robbin Atwell, 9/4/15

Hi, I have bought from you previously on ebay but had not seen your creations here and I'm glad I happened to see this address so now I can feast my eyes on your beautiful creations, so lovely!
-- Janelle Masters, 3/27/15

Kathy, I am thrilled that I discovered your exquisite clothing for Bleuette. You are an artist extraordinaire!
-- Monica Thulin, 6/18/14

Wow Kathy! This is awesome!
-- Monica, 5/23/14

Kathy, you are the BEST!
-- Andrea Hedgepeth, 1/29/14

I always love to see what new and wonderful creations you have made for us. Karen Martin
-- Karen Martin, 9/5/13

i have enjoyed your site and look forward to spending time making and using some of your helpful information. thank you for sharing.
-- Linda Jean Tucker, 8/18/13

I love your new website! The Robe de Soiree is outstanding! Beautiful bead work and embroidery! Lovely and graceful lines in the garment itself. And I love that headband/feather hat! All of your work is exquisite, Kathy. Your interpretation of the designs is delightful! Dora
-- Dora, 6/11/13

Always love my Bleuette's in Bluebird T's!
-- Sandra Freer Bickish, 5/29/13

I love your slide show on the new web site! Also, the dress you have on ebay is wonderful. Glad that you still have your photo links included here as I love the singing in the rain link and the winkleman's hat too! Keep up the good work! Gael
-- Gael Shults, 5/12/13

Gorgeous creations!
-- Laurie Wirthlin, 5/12/13

You make the most beautiful doll clothes. your attention to detail is amazing. Antoinette
-- Antoinette Filanowska, 5/8/13

i m falling in love of your creations a french fan of bleuette doll
-- Josy, 2/20/13

Wow! Your coats, dresses, hats & shoes to match are gorgeous. All that special attention given to your choice of fabrics and needlework make all the difference in an exquisitely beautiful outfit for these treasured Bleuettes. Well done, Kathy!!!!
-- Elizabeth, 12/19/12

So happy to see you're still making such beautiful ensembles for Bleuette, they are exquisite!
-- Lori Saggs, 8/28/12

I am amazed at your beautiful work!
-- Kathleen, 8/12/12

Your creations are a pleasure to see!
-- Janet Panecki, 7/4/12

Hello, I have a 1928 Bleuette doll from my mother. She gave it to me in 1960 when I was four while we were on a trip to Paris to see my grandparents. I would like to find her an outfit because her original silk dress is in tatters. This website was recommended to me by another Bleuette fan. I would love to sign up to see your newsletterThank you
-- Vivienne F. Courtney, 6/25/12

beautiful web site
-- Doris Thielepape, 10/14/11

I've missed seeing your beautiful Bleuette clothing these last few months. What a treat it is to see your artistry at work again!!! Lori
-- Lori Saggs, 7/22/11

As always your work just amazes me, the colors, the attention to detail .... oh so beautiful!
-- Elizabeth, 7/21/11

I've many Bleuettes and truly appreciate what I've seen on your website. You are an amazingly talented seamstress with obvious sensitivity for scale and detail.. I love the handwork and embroidery you lavish on your creations. Why aren't your prices listed? I'd like to know what I can afford to pamper my dolls (thereby myself) with! With great regard, Cyndi .
-- Cyndi Fields, 5/16/11

Your outfits are exquisite...your choice of fabrics, attention to detail, and craftsmanship make them museum quality!
-- Becca Green, 1/26/11

I found your website while looking at the Le Musee de La Poupee Paris. I would love to some day own a Bleuette and sew her clothes. This is my stress reliever making doll clothes as they do not complain if they are not happy with there clothing. Your work is beautiful. Do you do classes on making the Bleuette fashions and do you have copies of the patterns for sale? It is nice to see the old dolls live on with there new found friends.
-- Lorraine , 12/22/10

Love your wonderful outfits and enjoy visiting your website. Hope to own one of your beautiful creations for my Bleuette or Mignonette one day.
-- Patricia Campbell, 9/6/10

Amazing! Can't wait to see more of your creations
-- Olivia Campbell, 8/22/10

Love the clothes and the web site
-- Ann Gardiner, 8/14/10

Once again your colour sense and attention to detail puts your work in a class of its own. Any Bleuette wearing one of your outfits would be a very proud mademoiselle.
-- Jane Atkinson, 5/27/10

Your talent never ceases to amaze me. Beautiful!
-- Marion Bhatt, 5/5/10

Love your stunning little creations!
-- Elizabeth Z. Mow, 4/4/10

Your outfits are like little works of art!! Such skill and dedication put in each outfit. I can't wait til one of my little Bleu's is graced with one!!
-- Sherri Edens, 3/24/10

Haven't seen such fine workmanship since my late mother's seamstress skills. Would love to keep updated on Bleuette outfits!
-- Gayle Reilly, 3/15/10

I am impressed beyond words. Each ensemble was perfect, every detail exactly right. The models are lovely and show the clothes beautifully.
-- Joan Moyer, 2/4/10

Just checked out your new site! I love it all! Your Bleuette creations are so beautiful! I love the outfit on the homepage! And the new display of costumes for sale is great. Can't wait to see what you come up with next! :-) Dora
-- Dora Filanowska, 2/4/10

I love your outfits for Bleuette and ooh and ahh everytime a new Bleuette ensemble appears. Your materials, style and choice of colors is exactly as others have said, " Bleuette Eye Candy to the max!" I am delighted to see your new site at I can't wait until I see your newest creations! The new site is just gorgeous and will make a fabulous spot for your fashionable apparel for our sweet Mademoiselle Bleuette!
-- Elizabeth Earle, 2/4/10

Always a delight to see your exquisite bleuette outfits. Eye Candy to the max!!
-- Mary Boger, 11/18/09

thnak you!
-- Gladys, 11/3/09

I found your website searching for WWI Nurse uniform history and photos for my Doll Club presentation on Nurse Dolls! WOW! What a great find your web site is! I only hope to own one of your Bleuette Nurse Outfits one Day! Thanks for your artistry in the doll world!
-- Amanda Hutchinson, 10/27/09

Your Bleuette costumes are wonderful. I also have been sewing since I was a child; learning from my grandmother and mother. My first love is sewing and creating accessories for French Fashion dolls and Bleuette is a very close second. I would love to receive your newsletter. Barbara
-- Barbara Smit, 10/13/09

I've been missing the newletter ever since I changed email addresses. Please sign me up again. I love seeing every new outfit and accessory. They are so beautiful! I wish you could hear me oohing and aahing over every photo! :-)
-- Dora Filanowska, 8/5/09

What a wonderful treat it is to have found your site. Not only are the clothes and accessories marvelous, the photography is superb! Janet
-- Janet Panecki, 7/21/09

WOW! Fabulous, utterly gorgeous. I hope to purchase an outfit from you soon for my Bleuette. Best Regards, Barbara
-- Barbara Cole, 6/28/09

HI, I've watched your beautiful items on Ebay, and now that I am in the Bleuette sewing group I get to enjoy them more. Always wondered who was behind these garments. I have a long time background in sewing that makes me appreciated what you do. Regards, Marie
-- Marie Scopel, 6/13/09

Quality Bleuette doll clothing without equal!
-- Jill Flanagan, 4/4/09

Bluebird Textiles is the finest clothing a doll can wear. Kathy's artistry is without peer!
-- Melissa Hoover, 2/3/09

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