Don't be shy !
You are invited on this tour with me :)

It also means to me:
Don't be shy to put your works out in the open means also:
on your own walls.

I have plastered my art in the house I live, on floors and hallways, as well as on
my apartment & studio walls.
Sometimes I make a catch and somebody buys art from me and then my "baby" is gone!! and I am sad for a while, for I gave a piece of my heart away, but that's what art is also about: to make another happy, isn't it?
Much help I get of my very favorite artist Vincent van Gogh, who said:
"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced."

I need to hear this more often, it confirms me:
I can!

It is good  also to hang my art on my own walls, so I can see where I've improved.

Dear Friend and art lover, please have a look!

Since my childhood I was very much into Art, especially painting and drawing, but also singing and dance.
My parents supported me in this as much they could and I learned to develop my talent and skills through education and self teaching.
Art was with me whole my life. Though there were many times I have been less creative, hardships in life were not only distracting to express myself through art, but also  bringing me back to my essential in life:
The urge to paint has never left me and brought me back to start over again and again.
Being creative is just following me and I can't shake it of; it's a part of me.
Where words are unheard or difficult to formulate, art helps me to express myself in feelings about certain behaviors towards me or from me to others. 
It helps not only to express me but, heal me from the inside out.

It just is so much fun and motivating also to make art with other fellow artists, meet with others, learn and express what is inside of us and bring it out into the seeing world.
Painting in a group with many others is a great counter piece to painting alone and very motivating and therefore I am always looking forward to join art classes and groups.

Art is an excellent therapist.
It helps to break the circle of isolation, depression & anxiety.  Art is very helpful in any form of recovery and healing process, and can play a most important part on the way to become whole.
Also Brachaim is more self esteemed now to go even into public with her artworks. Self esteem comes in walking in your shoes, so to speak. :)

I do not let you go before you saw Brachaim's Home workplace.

One wall with my works in my living room
workspace in my bedroom
workspace on the dining room tablee
worspace in bedroom
workplace bedroom
worklace bedroom
workplace dining room table
1st floor
2nd floor
3rd floor
4th floor
6th floor
8th foor
8th floor
8th floor
Residents Corordinator's office
Floor C
Foor C

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