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Smart Start for Floral Design Lesson
Students Friendly Flexible Class Schedule
Saturday and Sunday Classes Available
Evening floral design class for busy people
European floral design as a business tool
Affordable Floral Arranging Workshop
Funeral flowers stabilize your floral business
Affordable Floral Design Workshops
European design or Ikebana arrangement ?
Floral design skills enrich your life
Artistic life with floral arrangement
Welcome guests with flower arrangements
Enjoy Vertical Glass Container Arrangements
Expand portfolio of your floral designs
World of floral design is borderless
Wide range of programs with extensive designs
Celebrate holidays with floral arrangements
Event Decorations with Floral Arragements
Valentine's Day Floral Gift
Mother's Day floral gift
Independence Day simple flower designs
Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements
CLEAN CUT & CLEAN WATER prolongs life of flowers
Floral arranging skill is a lifetime property
Floral design as a second income source
Wedding Flowers
Wedding Floral Design Courses
Affordable Wedding Flower Programs
Corsage Seminar for prom and wedding
Weekend Wedding Flower Design Class
Wedding class for those without floral design experience
How to Save & Make Money on Wedding Flowers
DIY floral design project at your own wedding
Wedding Flowers on YouTube
Wedding flowers on various websites
Wedding flowers expand portfolio of your designs
Wedding anniversary flower arrangement
How to use wedding pomanders
Floral decoration: Wedding vs Funeral
Difference between Ikebana and Regular Flower Arrangement
Ikebana Class near San Francisco
What is Ikebana ?
Smart start for Ikebana lessons
Ikebana is revalued now
Rediscover Japanese Floral Arrangement
Affordable Start for Ikebana Lesson
Affordable Weekend Ikebana Class
Evening Ikebana Class
Ikebana Arrangement Refresh Program
Ikebana skill helps earn European floral design skills
Ikebana using curly willow, bear grass & thin twigs
Ikebana Arrangement using Bamboo Vase
Ikebana helps expand your floral design portfolia
Experience another culture through Ikebana
Ikebana on YouTube
Ikebana introduction on various websites
Learn state of the art Ikebana arrangement
What is Moribana arrangement of Ikebana
What is Nageire arrangement of Ikebana
Lesson of Custom Designed Arrangement
Small class/semi private lesson of 2 to 3 students
Affordable Seminars for Beginners
Professional floral designers are welcome
Enhance your flower business possibilities
A variety of floral designs on YouTube
Business oriented floral design class
Corporate arrangement makes money
Flower Arrangement Refresh Program
Affordable & Inexpensive Programs
Home decoration with flower arrangements
Church decoration with floral arrangements
Become a floral business entrepreneur ?
Traditional or Contemporary design ?
Installment Payment OK on Expensive Programs
Living floral life between tradition and modernity
Our class schedule helps busy people
Small investment to start a flower shop
Flower arranging hobby never retires
Floral design as a second income source
How about vegetable & fruit arrangements ?
Entry door mounted wreath
Improve the quality of your flower arrangement
Mass flowers, line flowers & filler flowers
Want to make refined floral designs ?
Enjoy floral arrangement of your original design
Why people don't want to learn funeral flower arrangement ?
We teach traditional to modern designs
Symmetric vs Asymmetric Design
Various types of wedding bouquets
DIY Wedding Bouquet Class
Want to be your own boss in floral business ?
Foreign visitors enjoy short program
Bouquets on bouquet holder
Ideal gift of Basket Flower Arrangement
Affordable short seminar is always hot
European arrangement is ideal for floral business
We train you so you can make this kind of centerpiece
Lesson fee is advanced investment
Ready for fall season floral arrangements ?
Majority of students have no experiences in floral designs
Flower arrangement for mantel decoration
Floral arrangement is open to everybody
Lots of floral designers and classes in Japan
Step by step & one on one instructions
Learning floral design as a hobby is the BEST
What is wedding aisle floral arrangements ?
Corner arrangement good for limited space
Looking for a new type of arrangements ?
How about a high end floral design like this ?
WELCOME flower arrangement
What's next after Elementary Course ?
Online flower arranging lessons work out or not
Japanese people like European floral designs
We should not ignore funeral flower business
Funeral flower fee covered by insurance
Enjoy lifetime activities of floral arrangement
Floral design class after 5:00pm
We have it all for floral design
Learn A to Z of floral arrangement
What you should bring to the classroom
Make bouquets for your daughter's wedding
Weekend wedding floral arrangement class
Smart start for European floral designs
Learn values and earn skills of floral designs
We help you take the first step to learn floral designs
Save and make money with floral designs
We specialize in training floral artists
Earn floral design skills, not just the easy ones
Floral arrangements for special events are always exciting
Need experienced floral design instructor ?
We help make your DREAM COME TRUE
European design is one thing. Ikebana is another
Oasis is useful to make a floral job quick and easy
Easel mounted wreaths for reception decoration
Enjoy working as a voluntary floral designer
L shape design is typical asymmetrical arrangement
Operation of floral shop can be learned from OJT
Work as an intern to get secret of floral business
Visit flower shows and exhibitions to learn floral designs
Any idea about floral designs to celebrate Labor Day ?
Ready for Halloween floral decorations ?
Thanksgiving vegetable floral arrangement
Autumn (fall) Season for Floral Art
Duplicating instructor's design is the initial step
Most value-added arrangement ever
Practice after lesson makes you a successful floral designer
Curriculum for beginner to professional level
European 3D Decoupage class
How about candle flower arrangement ?
Are you on a tight budget ? No problem.
Ready for seasonal floral designs towards the end of the year ?
Students from foreign countries to learn flower arrangement
Small advice for big improvement in floral designs
Conditions required to be a first class floral designer
How about a big party floral arrangement like this ?
Wanna be floral shop owner or professional floral artist ?
Spend Christmas with beautiful floral designs
Welcome New Year with flower decorations
Winter is a good season to start learning wedding flowers
If you like self-making, why not DIY floral designs ?
Seeking stable income or peaceful life from floral designs ?
OJT is effective to learn jobs Behind The Scenes
Hotel lobby flower arrangements are big
Tall arrangement for reception and ceremony
Florist training studio in San Jose & San Francisco Bay Area
Mandatory to complete Elementary Course
What are Business Oriented Programs ?
Floral arrangement for wedding reception
Simple & easy flower design makes you happy
Pomander is wearable but it can be centerpiece
History of pomander
Class of every program starts every week
Your credit remains effective until resuming to take lessons
Never too late to start learning floral designs from now on
Becoming a generalist or specialist of floral designs ?
For a trial lesson, short programs are quite helpful
Today's contemporary is tomorrow's vintage in floral designs
Simple advice makes a difference in floral art
You can earn the skill to make event floral design like this
No vase ? Don't worry. Mug cup & wine glass arrangements work
Info about Flower Arrangement Intermediate Course
Not always necessary to take lessons consecutively
Enjoy step by step floral arrangement instruction
Instructor Course students can practice teaching in classroom
How many lessons you wanna take ? It's your decision.
Flower arrangement to decorate a wedding cake
Ikebana arrangement makes you feel comfortable
Which country is popular for Japanese to learn floral designs ?
Pumpkin decoration with floral arrangement for Halloween
Do you want to learn only centerpiece ? No problem !
Wanna make bouquets ? Join affordable Bouquet Course
Entry arrangement displayed in the foyer
Easel mounted large floral arrangement for reception
Learn centerpiece to decorate your office
Cascading bouquet on bouquet holder
Who qualifies to join Flower Arrangement Advanced Course ?
Skill of Ikebana helps earn skill of European floral arrangement
Many graduates offering their own floral classes in Japan
Foreign students suddenly appear to take a floral design lesson
How about wedding guest table flower arrangement like this ?
Floral design lesson: Start today and end today
Floral business: Selling at store or event oriented ?
How to advertise wedding flower service business ?
Long training needed to be a real professional floral designer
Try Introductory Program before joining Elementary Course
What is a topiary wedding centerpiece ?
People from a distant location can take more lessons a day
Western style vs Eastern style floral arrangement
Big welcome with tiny yet refined centerpiece
Wanna make a sophisticated centerpiece like this ?
L shaped centerpiece displayed by the window
Wedding bouquet displayed in the vase
Small bouquet of flowers called corsage
Line up of centerpieces to decorate mantel & breakfast counter
Pumpkin arrangement for Halloween Party
Three elements consisting of flower arrangements
October is good start to learn floral designs for Christmas
Where should Oasis or Kenzan be placed in a container ?
What you learn at Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course
Elementary Course skill helps you make Christmas flowers
Online training is not ideal as a primary educational method
Two options for approaching to wedding flower programs
Intermediate course is important if seeking high level skills
Halloween decoration: Pumpkin flower designs
Wedding arch floral arrangement
Floral arrangement on the lantern at a home party
Wedding ceremony aisle flower decorations
Another Type of Wedding Chair Aisle Floral Arrangement
Have you heard of Crescent Floral Design ?
Square flat design vs round flat design
Sophisticated home party arrangement by our head instructor
How about a crescent arrangement like this ?
Gorgeous floral arrangement with anthurium plant
Eventually you can make the arrangement in your way
Beginner to start with all round arrangement
What is a fan shaped floral arrangement ?
No vase, no problem. Make dish plate floral arrangements
Would you like to try Inverted T arrangement ?
Each flower has its own function in every floral arrangement
What is mass flower, focal flower and face flower ?
Wedding flowers: 3 types of flower balls
Curved elements offer different atmosphere in floral design
Curly plants make a difference in floral arrangements
How about flower decorated Christmas cake ?
Time consuming to make bouquet but you can make it
Breathtaking autumn foliage at Kyoto Ryoanji (Temple)
Candle arrangement for Thanksgiving and Christmas
Experienced floral artists enjoy variations of floral designs
How about bowl floral arrangements ?
Floral arrangements with no vase, no container
Sophisticated floral arrangement with no vase & no oasis
Three types of easel mounted funeral wreaths
Original floral designs featuring large green leaves
We teach a unique floral design like this
Garland type and easel mounted type wreaths
Curved plants make different atmosphere in floral designs
"S" shaped arrangement appealing grace of linear curve
Easy Centerpiece for Wedding Flower Decoration
Take it easy and enjoy making simple floral arrangement
Horizontal arrangement OR dining table floral runner ?
Artificial Christmas floral arrangement
Easy,Tiny and Simple cube vase floral arrangements
These are also wedding flowers. Where are they displayed ?
Something different from European or American floral designs
Flower decorated cake: Real Flower vs Sugar Flower
Wedding Head Table Floral Arrangement
Easel mounted cross is mandatory arrangement for funerals
Two types of centerpiece on the cocktail table
3 kinds of hand-tied wedding bouquets
What is a Cascading Bouquet ?
Learning color coordination for floral arrangement
You can make a corsage by yourself
Beautiful color coordination for flower centerpieces
Unique flower arrangement with no vase
Various types of funeral cross floral designs
The most popular Round Bouquet
Enjoy another creative table arrangement like this
Anthuriums are expensive although they are eye catching
Tropical flower & fruits arrangement
Parallel floral arrangement requires some experience
How about this kind of design for office decoration ?
Atmosphere created by curved ferns of Ikebana arrangement
Compact size centerpiece for home decoration
Tiny Vase Arrangement is simple, easy and economical
Pomander is mandatory item for wedding decoration
Learn how to make a Teardrop Bouquet as well
Pink flower centerpieces for home decoration
Fruits and vegetables can be elements of floral arrangements
Creative centerpiece offering beauty of curved elements
Table arrangement side by side
If you learn, you can make flower arrangement like this
Learn, practice and enjoy flower arranging
Best use of bear grass in floral design to make curved lines
YouTube is very useful to experienced floral designers
Thanksgiving Harvest Floral Arrangement
Fall season flower arrangement with autumn leaves
How to decorate front door during fall season
Even if snowing outside, enjoy flower arraging inside
Evolving imitator into innovator in floral designs
Sophisticated centerpiece in a square glass container
Finely arranged cube vase centerpiece for holiday season
Floral design featuring roses as a focal flower
We train you to become an active floral designer
Our weekend and evening classes are more active than usual class
Lacking basic skills will ruin your life as a floral designer
Private lesson is expensive but semi private is affordable
Enjoy making autumn centerpiece for the fall season
How about oval shaped Thanksgiving flower arrangement ?
Elegant vertical floral arrangement for a holiday season
Do you prefer conventional or contemporary design ?
First imitate, master basics, create and goal with unique design
If you forget how to arrange flowers, join Refresh Program
Easel mounted wreath with two sets of floral decorations
Learn how to make Christmas candle flower arrangement
Beautiful bridal bouquet for the coming wedding
Precise looks of flower decorated grapevine wreath
Tall cube vase design & underwater flower arrangement
Both L shaped arrangements look alike but slightly different
Have you heard of Underwater Arrangement ?
Profound atmosphere created by Ikebana arrangement
Corporate arrangement for a reception desk
Floral design like an umbrella using large green leaves
Floral design against a backdrop of geometric greenery
Start learning Ikebana from Moribana arrangement
Demand for floral arrangements will never end
Contemporary Ikebana with geometric greenery
Today's job is over. Now is the time to enjoy floral designs
Autumn leaves and pumpkin arrangement
Learning Ikebana helps develop new floral arranging skill
Start easy arrangement from all round centerpiece
You can't practice too much in order to enhance your skill
Enjoy making garland type wreaths
Dining table floral decoration
All round arrangement is one of the most popular designs
What is submerged floral arrangements ?
Curved elements make a difference in floral designs
Would you like to make floral design like no other ?
Creative bouquets arranged with aspidistra leaves
Enjoy another type of beautiful bouquet
Natural floral arrangement with coffee beans
Contemporary free style arrangement
Table arrangement of flowers, trees and greenery
Crescent arrangement with tropical flower and greenery
You can enjoy floral arrangement with centerpieces only
Adding floral designs to your primary job makes a big difference
Wedding bouquet as a centerpiece for home decoration
Large floral arrangement for a hotel lobby
Flower ball or kissing ball that is known as a pomander
Enjoy making table arrangements for a holiday season
Sophisticated floral designs with tropical flower and greenery
Start learning floral arrangement for coming spring weddings
Architectural design with flower arrangement
Pumpkin floral design symbolizing the end of autumn
Round arrangement again recommendable to beginners
Tropical flowers on the grapevine wreath
Tropical flowers with curly element
How about fan shaped arrangement for office decoration ?
Yellow and Pink round centerpiece
Pomanders standing by in the "backstage"
Learn centerpieces for the wedding in coming spring
Fall centerpiece featuring Autumn foliage
Contemporary Ikebana arrangement with two Kenzan's
Round bouquets waiting for a wedding
Floral arrangements on the lanterns PLUS one
Creative flower arrangement in a transparent vertical vase
Purple table arrangement with curly element
Shop management can be learned from OJT and also at college
Simple,easy and cute centerpiece displayed at your home
Oval shaped arrangement with white, blue and green flowers
Fall interior plant decoration & autumn foliage views
Compact centerpieces on the table and window side
3 pieces of colorful table arrangement
By training and practice you can make this kind of centerpiece
How would you like to use these basket arrangements ?
Flower arrangement for the end of fall season
Christmas wreaths featuring apples & pine cones
Christmas arrangement featuring only greenery elements
Large tropical leaves make a difference in floral designs
Poinsettia arrangement for Christmas decoration
Displaying Ikebana arrangement during a holiday season
Join the floral design program your budget allows
Nobody can limit your ability to create new floral designs
How to become a floral designer ?
Tropical floral decoration with large Monstera leaves
Unique wreaths with unique shape and ingredients
Enjoy variations by earning high level of design skills
We help make your dream come true in floral designs
You can learn so many types of table arrangements
Gorgeous Christmas Decoration for Front Door
What's next design for table arrangement ?
Floral design market is big but competition is severe
You'll have no risk if enjoying floral design as a hobby
Interior plant decoration for a Christmas season
Make a floral arrangement displayed by the Christmas tree
White Flower Arrangements for White Christmas
What we can teach and what we cannot
4u2get a good skill of floral arrangement
Front door wreath: Japanese version
Teaching is one of the best ways for you to learn
Centerpiece of pink and white color coordination
Simple yet elegant tall flower arrangement
Home decoration with yellow round floral designs
In December lots of people join floral design class
Enjoy floral decoration on a holiday cake
Round plate flower decoration for Christmas season
Entry flower arrangement displayed in the foyer
Why not welcome your guests with flower arrangements ?
Requests for funeral flowers come all of a sudden
No seeds, no harvest: No practice, no progress in floral designs
Floral design seminar as a gift for your girl friend
Enjoy learning how to make cute bouquets and corsages
Flower Arrangement with a Christmas Gift
Artistic floral life starts here at CFAA
We are here to help you for teaching floral designs
Training and Practice can grow your skill
Are you looking for a new horizon of flower arrangement ?
Christmas arrangement of white flowers with pine cones
Shadow Box Art of 3D Decoupage featuring floral designs
Learn more designs to increase your design portfolio
Does Ikebana work for doing floral business in America ?
Christmas tree of poinsettia in red, yellow and green
Welcome X'mas guests with welcome floral arrangement
Do it all, designing, making & selling your arrangement
Cylindrical Glass Vase Entry Flower Arrangement
Red flowers & green leaves on the white table setting
Mixture art of Ikebana and European floral designs
Wedding flowers remind you of bouquets only ?
Have anybody you can ask questions about floral designs ?
We help you help others with floral designs
Talented floral designer helps enhance your floral design skill
Christmas centerpiece of green leaves with red ribbon
Floral decoration by kid on the container of toy car
Asymmetrical design for Christmas decoration
Use customer reference to penetrate new customers
Have you heard of Hogarth Floral Arrangement ?
Gift Wrapping Flower Design for a Christmas Gift
2 in 1 Ikebana arrangement: two designs in one Suiban
Have you seen chair floral arrangement ?
Ikebana arrangements not selling. Why not make it by yourself ?
2 hour lesson & 2 hour practice make you a perfect artist
Having interest in Japanese culture through Ikebana
Which do you prefer, traditional or contemporary design ?
Corporate arrangement displayed at Golf Club hall
Ikebana arrangement for practice in the classroom
Crescent arrangement side by side
Last minute Christmas Flower Arrangement
Training for how to make a Christmas party bouquet
Holiday season centerpiece with unique design
Holiday season's cascading bouquet
Mini "Christmas Tree" Arrangement by the fireplace
Centerpiece decoration by Ikebana arrangement
Simple and Easy Wreath for Christmas Decoration
Unique design of table arrangement
Are you ready to start learning wedding flowers ?
Unlimited variations of wedding round bouquets
Wreaths displayed in so many places and occasions
Wanna expand design portfolio on your table arrangements ?
New Year Decorations are under preparation in Japan
Flower centerpieces for wedding guest table decoration
Finding Variations on "Non Horizontal" Arrangements
How many kinds of bouquets can you design ?
Designs from home decoration to wedding arrangements
You can't attend classes consecutively which is no problem
We train beginners to professional floral designers
Variety of centerpieces of vertical arrangement
You can make your own Flower Design Library
Flat and Horizontal Table Arrangements
Guess what "table edge arrangement" is ?
We help you expand your floral design portfolio
Tiny floral arrangement offers big healing
Three simple designs of Ikebana Arrangement
Basic skill is mandatory to open the door to floral business
The door remains open to your further floral training
Without a basic floral design skill, you are going nowhere.
How about adding this arrangement to your design portfolio ?
Already set up your goal for the coming New Year ?
Decent arranging skills can expand your design portfolio
Easel mounted wreaths displayed at event places
If on a tight budget, why not join affordable programs ?
Making a First Impression with Entry Floral Arrangement
Think about the job BEHIND THE SCENES for floral business
Questions about YouTube demonstration ? Ask your instructor
Basket flower arrangements used in various occasions
What if you are tired of regular floral arrangements ?
You have completed Elementary Course. What's next ?
Have you ever heard of a Kissing Ball ?
You need someone who advises on your floral design
What do you think SAFE method means at our school ?
Celebrating the birth of New Baby with Flower Basket
Your artistic life starts with these floral design programs
Designs per Fresh Flower Arrangement Intermediate Course
DIY for your funeral is impossible but for wedding you can DIY
Are you prepared for the coming wedding season ?
What kind of floral business are you planning to do ?
Difference between professional and amateur floral artists
Common sense among pros is know-how & secret to amateurs
Fresh flower arrangement vs silk flower design
Various designs per Fresh Flower Elementary Course
It's your choice how many lessons you take a week
Enhancing design skill OR expanding design portfolio ?
Your efforts of practicing flower designs will be paid off
We offer floral designers' job specific training classes
Floral design skills help you be influential in your community
You have three goals to achievel in floral design business
What is a wearable floral arrangement ?
What's next after completing Introductory Program ?
You know corsage. How about boutonniere ?
Earning floral design skill for insurance purpose makes sense ?
No better way than taking private lessons
Learning wedding flowers expands your design portfolio
Wanna be a floral shop owner or professional floral designer ?
Why overlook business opportunities for funeral decoration ?
Wedding business slows down in winter. How to compensate ?
We also teach unique arrangement like this
Valentine's Day is coming soon. Any idea about a gift ?
Brand new seminar: Basket Floral Arrangement Program
Step by step training for sophisticated floral design project
You can take lessons on the weekend and after five o'clock
Make a Valentine's Day Flower Decorated Gift Box
Use horsetail plants to make geometric line of design
Floral business operation needs to be stable all year long
To deliver flowers, use flower delivery networks
Why not set up your new year's goal ?
Wondering which you should learn Ikebana or European designs ?
Buy a plain basket at craft shop for basket flower arrangement
Weekend wedding flower arrangement class is hot
Imagine what you will be in the future on floral designs
Florist business management can be learned in various ways
Build your know-how and secret while enjoying floral designs
Have a role model floral artist you can ask any question
DIY for home decoration to party & wedding arrangement
Learning wedding flowers during season of engagement
Front door can be decorated not only with a wreath
How about a white flower arrangement like this ?
No flower, no life: Enjoy floral hobby as life is short
Mastering flower arrangement with candle decoration
Special short seminar for Candle Flower Arrangement
Nothing is better than flower arranging as a hobby
Choose most suitable design depending on space & location
Better to set up risk management when doing floral business
Floral decoration business is not only for wedding and funeral
Some florists sell flowers and also teach floral designs
What is natural design without using floral foam
Enjoy learning oval shaped floral arrangement
License & permit required for doing floral business
How to cut stems for fresh flower hydration
How to calculate gross margin rate when reselling flowers ?
We teach design skill but don't teach how to run business
Design your way after completing intermediate course
Ready for starting new floral designs in the coming spring ?
You can enjoy floral designs anywhere & anytime you like
Make the best use of greenery for creative floral designs
Red rose floral arrangements make your home warm
How to arrange flowers in the limited space of table
Use your floral skill in the wedding season coming soon
Example of Diamond Arrangement and Oval Arrangement
Another floral design called Corner Arrangement
Which do you prefer, short seminar or long program ?
How long does it take to complete Elementary Course ?
Make brides happy with bouquets you make yourself
Pomander is a flower ball bouquet and also a centerpiece
You need coaching if you want to earn practical skills
It's your choice, Japanese Ikebana or European arrangement
Bouquet as a centerpiece sometimes decorated with pins
Develop Floral Art "Craftsmanship" or "Craftswomanship"
Learning floral design shouldn't be a gamble. Smart start is ?
Spring flower basket mounted on the front door
It's never too late to start learning flower designs from now
These look like centerpieces. But one of them is a bouquet.
We made these table arrangements for interior decoration
How about this floral gift box for a Valentine's Day ?
Ikebana or European design ? Decide after intro program
Trial job before implementing start up business
What kind of flower plants bloom during spring season ?
Enjoy variations in use of wearable flower arrangements
If at a loss about program selection, join Elementary Course
Learn vertical & horizontal designs in Elementary Course
High demand for party flower arrangements
Understand similarities among different types of designs
Learn wearable arrangements as well in Elementary Course
Why not visit a flower market to learn flowers ?
Fresh flowers grow but silk flowers don't
Door mounted creative spring flower arrangement
You can transfer from elementary to intermediate course
Clean cut and clean water towards spring & summer
Story about the flower by the name of Forget Me Not
Elementary Course should not be underestimated
Crescent Arrangement vs Hogarth Arrangement
When does next course or program start ? It starts every week.
Two kinds of Heart Shaped Designs for Valentine's Day
Two floral arrangements by the classroom window
Horizontal oval and vertical oval shape floral design
Enhance skill and expand design portfolio to get advantage
Crescent arrangements featuring graceful curved line
What is a radiating arrangement or radiation design
These are also table arrangements you MIGHT like (?)
Introduction of floral design portfolio of our school
Quite unfortunately we do not offer online classes
Sophisticated flower arrangement in a glass tower vase
Asymmetrical design with various flowers & greenery
Ikebana arrangement with Japanese Aralia (Fatsia)
Floral arrangements again in the glass tower vases
Unique and creative free style floral arrangements
Starting with centerpiece and ending with centerpiece
Enjoy spring flower arrangements our students learned
Spring flower arrangement with blooming peach tree
Spring Table Arrangement displayed in the classroom
We train you so you can make beautiful design like this
Flower arrangements with candle decoration
Do these floral designs look like bouquets ?
All round floral arrangement is the basics of basics
DIY wedding wearable flower arrangement project
Sakura forecast: Cherry blossoms front is important
Ground cherry blossom called Moss Phlox ("Shibazakura")
Different flower color creates a different atmosphere
Three types of round arrangements displayed on the table
Are you interested in wedding hall flower arrangement ?
Large scale hotel lobby floral arrangement
Making large flower balls for wedding ceremony
From person to person purpose of learning floral design differs
How about visiting Rose Festival in Kazanlak, Bulgaria
Bouquet with pins displayed as a centerpiece decoration
Small wreaths for Mother's Day table centerpiece
Cherry blossoms at UNESCO World Heritage Himeji Castle
Amazing Italian Floral Art made of petals on the street
Garden arrangement of grapes with flowers
Design and make flower arrangements of your own idea
Best candle flower arrangement by our school's graduate
Unbelievable flower carpet in Brussels, Belgium
Make your own library introducing floral design portfolio
You can learn ANY KIND OF DESIGNS at our school
Choose whichever class you like,San Jose or San Mateo
Highly sophisticated and value added floral design
Secret for amateurs is common sense for professionals
No vase, no problem. Enjoy container free floral designs.
What if you have no idea which program you should join ?
Ikebana arrangements using Japanese Aralia (Fatsia)
Ikebana arrangements with blooming tree & greeneries
Ikebana arrangement with tropical flowers
Sending floral arrangements to Grand Openings
Weekend and Evening Class help busy people like you
Starting from Moribana when learning Ikebana
Warm table arrangements for spring decoration
Enjoy variations of Spring Flower Arrangement
To learn Ikebana, do Nageire after mastering basics of Moribana
We help you earn easy skill to professional level of skill
Find clues in Ikebana for new designs like no other
How to decide which you learn European or Japanese arrangement
Traditional Ikebana vs Contemporary Ikebana Design
Do you feel hot with this yellow pepper arrangement ?
Sophisticated Purple Wedding Floral Arrangements
Floral arrangements which happen to look like the letter T
Share your soft drinks Sprite or 7-Up with fresh flowers
From Round Arrangements to Square Centerpieces
Ikebana and European designs to welcome guests
Are you prepared for Easter Flower Arrangements ?
Pink bouquet and yellow tiny wreath for spring decor
Ikebana arrangement with horse tail elements
Easy and simple design is the best for interior decorations
You have a choice from easy to high end arrangements
Make the best use of Weekend and Evening Class
Asymmetrical arrangements for home or office decoration
Comparison of floral design classes between Japan and USA
Floral designs offering graceful beauty of linear curve
Beginner to advanced level of Ikebana arrangement
What's next after all round arrangement ?
These garden flower designs stimulate your appetite ?
Wreaths of garland, centerpiece and easel mounted type
A variety of fresh flower centerpiece decorations
Course classification and promotion system of Ikebana
Looking for unique floral design ? How about this ?
Spring bridal bouquets for the coming wedding parties
We train you so you can make beautiful bouquets like this
You can see Kenzan in these Ikebana arrangements
Floral arrangement for table decoration
Unbelievably organized tulip fields in the Netherlands
Beautiful and famous Dutch tulips: Past and Present
Enjoy cherry blossoms, temples and castles in Japan
Floral arrangement is a king of hobbies
Your success in floral design is our pleasure & happiness.
Wanna be instructor ? Then how about Instructor Course ?
Making the best use of local flower market
Why don't you make Hand-Tied Flower Bouquet ?
You'd better teach to keep level of floral design skill
One of practical ways to be unique & creative floral artist
Happy students with happy instructors in flower lessons
Which should you learn European style or Ikebana ?
Seeking the beauty of centerpiece arrangements
Large scale class does not work out for floral design training
Our class system is the same as Ikebana lesson in Japan
Tired of linear curve pattern ? How about geometric design ?
Good to challenge new designs. But earn basic skill first.
Introductory Program or Elementary Course ? It's your choice.
European design skills help make Ikebana arranging. Vice versa
Valentine's Day flower gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend
Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course is hot.
Don't worry about heavy financial burden to enjoy floral designs
Learn how to make bouquets mandatory for wedding
Florists, Wedding and Event Planners are welcome
New type of arrangements of asymmetric designs
Request for the lesson of custom design arrangements
Most classroom arrangements are small to medium size
Enjoy variations of application and display locations
Aiming to be Number One or Only One in floral design ?
A little advice makes a big change for your floral designs
Having problems in your skill means you have good potential
Earn skill of corporate floral arrangement that is profitable
Enjoy unique floral designs with large green leaves
Learn floral designs for versatile use like these arrangements
Start-up floral shops should not employ floral designers. Why ?
Take a note and photo of designs you make during a lesson
Flower arrangement training after-care is important
Enjoy DIY floral arrangements for your home decorations
Quick start for you to learn fresh flower arrangements
Questions about floral designs ? You are not alone.
Inquiries for wedding flower services are increasing
You can make flower arrangements for reception tables
Interior designers are welcome to learn floral decorations
Our flower designs are sometimes used in other websites
Elementary Course should not be underestimated
No matter which, for hobby or for business, we help you
You never feel bored with our extensive programs
Decorate your home inside & outside with flower arrangements
Wanna remember what you learned before ? We have refresh program
Wearable wedding flower: Pomander, Corsage & Bouquet
Practice makes perfect. However before that..................
Which do you prefer, fresh OR fake flower designs ?
To decorate wedding head table, learn this arrangement.
Important 3 C's to prolong the life of fresh flowers
You are not so skillful to learn floral designs ? Don't worry.
Flower Arrangements for celebrating grand openings
Why are you interested in Japanese Ikebana ?
You can design your way & your style. But before that..........
You can decide up to what level you learn floral designs
Simple is best. Floral arrangement is not exceptional
Starting from dead copy when learning floral designs
How about flower arrangements using muscat grapes ?
Which comes first, choice of designs OR choice of flowers ?
Today's "contemporary" is tomorrow's "vintage". True ?
We sometimes make this kind of large centerpiece
Four main styles of arrangements in floral design world.
Short cut to the goal to enjoy floral interior decorations
Are you familiar with this kind of floral arrangement ?
Buying expensive arrangements ? Why not make yourself ?
Enjoy floral designs all year long unlike other hobbies
Once you are deep in bouquets, you never feel bored.
Design, make & appreciate your own floral arrangements
Point is whether you are enthusiastic to earn skills
We are here to help you earn flower arranging skills
What is Crescent Design we teach at Elementary Course ?
Learn Diamond Shaped Arrangement. Where can I ?
How about tiny yet cute floral centerpiece like this ?
Final Examination in order to officially complete a course
Repeating the same design helps enhance your skill. But
First design of Intermediate Course is Basket Arrangement
No vase, no container, no problem. You can still arrange flowers
Variety of of wreaths from home decor to ceremony use
Japanese wreaths: Have you heard of Shimenawa Wreath ?
For wedding business, you need to learn various designs
Ready to make spring wreaths mounted on front doors ?
Floral lesson gift certificate for Valentine's Day
Funeral flowers expand portfolio of your floral designs
Where would you like to display these floral designs ?
Wanna eat the arrangements with fruits and vegetables ?
What style of design do these arrangements belong to ?
These are also examples of centerpiece floral decorations
Floral arrangements in umbrella, watering pot and basket
Find something unique in these basket arrangements ?
Earn design knowledge and element manipulating skill.
Seminar gift certificate to bring smiles for your Valentine
Expand relationship with floral designers at floral markets
Visit flower shows to learn other designers' arrangements
Make your table attractive with flower arrangements
Baby Shower flower arrangements with your own design
DIY flower arrangements for casual afternoon tea party
Make floral designs of stars & stripes for President's Day
Lantern, pumpkin and candle flower arrangements
Display centerpiece on console table to welcome guests
Decorate reception counter with flower arrangements
Enjoy making bouquets the way and style you like
Our flexible lesson schedule helps task oriented students
Enjoy discussion over a meal with floral decorations
It's just icing on the cake for you to earn Ikebana skills
Planning to use your floral design skill after retirement ?
How about floral arrangements featuring pink color ?
Kenzan for Ikebana arrangement can be used "forever"
Flower decor to provide warm welcome to your guests
Looking for a new horizon for your flower arrangements ?
A little bit larger floral design for corporate arrangements
We offer Saturday and Sunday flower classes every week
Are you interested in a volunteer job as a floral artist ?
Diamond arrangements make party table very gorgeous
Beautiful floral arrangements change looks of your home
Table arrangements in the same shape with different color
Easy and funny table arrangements you can make soon.
Seeking spiritual happiness or material wealth in floral art
Which do you like simple or sophisticated floral design ?
Do you feel like repeatedly learning basic flower design ?
Large flower ball arrangements for wedding decorations
Unique centerpieces made during a seminar in Japan
Three arrangements of "L" Shaped floral designs
Entry floral arrangements displayed in a spacious foyer
Flat colorful centerpiece and all round floral arrangements
Looking for a floral design you want to make yourself ?
How do you evaluate these flower arrangements ?
Wall mounted decor and another flower ball arrangement
Floral artist, wedding decorator or interior flower designer ?
Interior floral decor by wall mounted arrangements
Tiny floral designs welcoming your guests at entrance
Table arrangements changing atmosphere of your room
Do you like a flower arrangement like this or not ?
Expand territory of your activities with floral design skill
Sophisticated & luxuarious arrangements everybody likes
Simple centerpiece decor you can afford to make
Geometric design OR architecture flower arrangement ?
Learn home decorations to wedding table arrangements
We have 30 year history in the San Francisco Bay Area
Different approach makes different result in floral design
Ikebana of curved elements in Moribana and Nageire
We should not publish these as model floral designs ?
Enjoy bouquet as a centerpiece displayed in the vase
You want to be a floral designer OR floral shop owner ?
How about bridal bouquet and centerpiece in pink color ?
Want to make this kind of floral design ? Yes, you can
The way you design makes arrangement quite different
Easy to carry & good to display basket arrangement
Which do you prefer square design or round design ?
Easy to design and fun to make mini wreaths DIY project
There are various types of asymmetrical arrangements
Arrangements of elegant design & nice color coordination
Familiar with table decor ? How about chair decoration ?
Have you ever heard of chair mounted wreath decor ?
Pink decor in a glass container:View from above and side
Unique table arrangement and standard centerpiece
What is next after finishing all round floral arrangement ?
Easy & affordable floral decor in cube glass container
From the field of real training in floral design class
Another way to decorate a table edge with flower design
Skill for making popular table arrangements is mandatory
Enjoy Table Arrangement of Centerpiece Decoration
Starting floral shop is EASY but making profit is HARD
Diamond floral arrangement vs fan shaped floral design
Are you ready to make spring party centerpieces ?
3 types of wreaths on the table as a centerpiece
Our goal:Everyone can make same level of floral designs
Simple Ikebana arrangement, the style you like
Tiny centerpieces displayed on a small table
Wall mounted tiny and cute floral decor you may like
Nice floral decors can change the interior appearance
Mastering table arrangements is a key to success
Fence mounted spring flower designs to welcome guests
Where do you want to display these arrangements ?
You can make floral designs like this after taking lessons
Bouquet is a mandatory floral decoration for weddings
We help you help others by way of flower arranging
Wedding flower is mandatory for event business
Wedding Party Guest Table Flower Arrangements
Enjoy interior floral decoration with these arrangements
The more designs, the more opportunities you'll get
Radiant design and heart shaped flower arrangement
Do what the pro do. Floral training is not exceptional
Floral art: Regular design vs contemporary design
Make a beautiful bridal decor by the name of bouquet
Flower centerpiece right size for right place for display
Two of table arrangements featuring yellow color flowers
More time & efforts help you become a floral artist
Floral design: Interior home decor vs wedding decor
Floral centerpieces displayed inside and outside home
How about making a flower basket for your loved one ?
Pink wreath vs white wreath: Both are beautiful
We do our best to offer quality lessons you deserve
Learn from regular designs to free style arrangements
What's next after finishing Introductory Program ?
Each course starts every week throughout the year
Learn sympathy and funeral floral arrangements as well
L shaped flower arrangements displayed at window side
Centerpiece: Most flexible & widest use of floral design
Flower arrangements for celebrating St. Patrick's Day
Floral design classes are offered every week all year long
Floral hobby doesn't face competition. But business does
Handling perishable goods is tough. So is floral business
You employ a floral designer. You still need flower design skill
Cherry blossom viewing: Big spring event in Japan
Table arrangements for wedding floral decorations
Which do you prefer, L Shape or Parallel Arrangement ?
For you to live a happy life with floral arrangements
How about a floral design like a hat and grasshopper
Home decoration, office design or church arrangement ?
L Shaped European floral design featuring yellow flowers
Floral design: Are you Kenzan or Floral Foam oriented ?
Selling only bouquets does not expand wedding business
Making floral arrangements for church decoration ?
Refined arrangements by refined flower design skills
License exam of Flower Decorators Association is so difficult
Wedding flower: Sweetheart table & reception counter
Decorating the foyer of your home with floral designs
We help you achieve your goal in floral arrangements
It's ideal to learn all designs up to Advanced Course
Floral designers with so many different backgrounds
No big deal to take initial step: Join Introductory Program
Which do you prefer pink or yellow for floral designs ?
Request for wedding flower service is increasing now
Floral centerpieces: Radiant arrangement vs oval design
Easel mounted wreaths: Celebration vs Sympathy
Surprise your friends at your progress in floral designs
Do you know how to use flower balls at weddings ?
Natural arrangements of no Kenzan and no floral foams
Two Ikebana arrangements using two pieces of Kenzan
Here are unique wreath and centerpiece you MAY like
More than 60% of floral designs MAY be centerpieces
Ikebana on the messy training table during lesson
Start with imitating designs made by your instructor
Learn wedding flowers. Take actions before it is too late
Fake flower designs can't beat fresh flower arrangements
Table arrangements from home decor to wedding parties
Graceful Ikebana of Moribana style arrangement
What kind of design is Parallel Floral Arrangement ?
Practice how to decorate a cake with fresh flowers
How to use unusual design called corner arrangement ?
Are you interested in crescent floral arrangement ?
How would you like to use a basket flower arrangement ?
Ikebana Arrangement Short Seminar Program
Ikebana Arrangement Elementary Course
Ikebana Arrangement Intermediate Course
Ikebana Arrangement Advanced Course
Table Arrangement Centerpiece Program
Introductory Trial Budget Program
Policy and fee about a certificate and confirmation letter
Program Selection Guide
Weekend One Day Seminar
Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course
Flower Arrangement Refresh Program
Fresh Flower Arrangement Intermediate Course
Fresh Flower Arrangement Advanced Course
Fresh Flower Arrangement Instructor Course
Course Completion Certificate issued by our school
Eye catching gorgeous floral arrangements
Wedding Party Arrangement Basic Course
Wedding Ceremony Arrangement Course
Wedding Floral Decoration Advanced Course
Funeral Floral Decoration Course
Wedding Bouquet Making Course
Basket Flower Arrangement Program
Gift Wrapping Floral Design Program
Floral Design Corsage Making Program
Floral Design Wreath Making Program
Lesson Fee includes fresh flower materials
Japanese profound floral art called Ikebana
3 types of fan shaped arrangements
Welcoming guests with floral decorations
"S" shaped designs appeal beauty of curved line
Entry decorations in symmetric arrangement
Origin and history of Ikebana Arts
Variety of wedding floral decorations
We have students from various countries
One of a kind floral design we make
Flower decorations on the wedding cakes
Floral decorations on wedding ceremony Chairs
Ikebana Arrangement with Kenzan and Suiban
Japanese traditional profound floral art called Ikebana
Ikebana Photo
Bridal Bouquet Photo
Introductory Trial Budget Program (Photo)
Three types of fan shaped floral arrangements (photo)
"S" Shaped Design appealing grace of linear curve (photo)
Two of cute centerpieces side by side (photo)
Enjoy one of a kind wedding floral design we made (photo)
Are you interested in Ikebana arrangement ? (photo)
Welcoming floral decor at the foyer (photo)
Floral arrangements using substitute vase (photo)
You can earn skills for making this kind of design (photo)
Easel mounted flower wreaths (photo)
Unique centerpiece decorations with no container (photo)
You need to learn theory and practice in floral designs (photo)
Florists and floral designers are welcome (photo)
Symmetric entry arrangements in the foyer (photo)
Table decorations for wedding parties (photo)
We help you develop your potential abilities (photo)
Round arrangement: one of basic designs (photo)
Custom made gift box floral decoration (photo)
Round arrangements good for beginners (photo)
Wedding Head Table Floral Decorations (photo)
Enjoy original arrangements of your own designs (photo)
Colorful and quiet floral arrangements (photo)
Floral design lesson: Starting from centerpiece (photo)
Casual floral design: Dish plate arrangement (photo)
Floral design using a vertical glass container (photo)
How about flower wrapping gift like this ? (photo)
Cascade type bouquets for wedding party (photo)
Tall arrangements side by side (photo)
Ikebana arrangement with Kenzan and Suiban (photo)
Centerpiece decorations for wedding party (photo)
Horizontal arrangements for party decorations (photo)
Wedding decoration of European elegance (photo)
Centerpieces created by hands on training (photo)
Tall designs on a wedding guest table (photo)
Floral pomander for a bride at wedding (photo)
Gift of floral lesson for your loved one (photo)
Learn how to lengthen a flower life (photo)
Celebrate Thanksgiving & Christmas with floral decor (photo)
Line of unique designs by unique floral school (photo)
Floral designs of purple color coordination (photo)
Creative parallel flower arrangements (photo)
Cute arrangements in cubic glass vase (photo)
Large green leaf arrangements (photo)
Entry arrangements displayed at foyer (photo)
Floral arrangements for wedding table decoration (photo)
Flower arrangements for grand openings (photo)
Unique designs using large green materials (photo)
Centerpieces featuring pink color flowers (photo)
Cascade bouquets displayed in a vase (photo)
Flower lesson starting from centerpieces (photo)
All round arrangements good for beginners (photo)
Arrangements for console table at foyer (photo)
Centerpieces to decoration a mantel (photo)
Mother & daughter took lessons together (photo)
We had a diligent student from Colombia (photo)
Wanna be a bouquet making specialist ? (photo)
Arrangements focusing on green leaves (photo)
Join Ikebana lessons on the weekend (photo)
Refined Ikebana arrangement side by side (photo)
Ikebana arranged with advanced skill (photo)
学校案内California Flower Art Academyとは


Variety of Artworks Variety of Artworks
California Flower Art Academy is pleased to introduce a variety of floral arrangements that were actually designed and made during lessons at our classroom. These arrangements were made by our students and instructors. In order to educate our students so that they can be floral designers, we offer hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions which is a semi-private lesson.

No matter what kind of floral designs students want to learn, European arrangements or Japanese Ikebana, wedding or funeral decoration, they can make a choice of their most favorite course from our WIDE RANGE OF PROGRAMS.

Students with no previous experience in floral arrangements  can start from Introductory Trial Budget Program. For more information, feel free to contact

Japanese Ikebana-I Japanese Ikebana-I
The majority of our students are beginners. Therefore most Ikebana arrangements introduced in this page are entry level and not very high end. Before going through this page, it MAY be worthwhile for you to get information about Ikebana and also the difference between Ikebana and regular floral arrangement. California Flower Art Academy has been engaged in teaching Ikebana arrangement since 1990 in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley (San Jose). Our Ikebana instructor has over 30 year experience in teaching Ikebana. She has a license of Ikebana instructor certified in Japan. We offer  following programs for you to learn Ikebana:

1. Ikebana Arrangement Short Seminar Program......$98
2. Ikebana Arrangement Elementary Course............$350
3. Ikebana Arrangement Intermediate Course..........$480
4. Ikebana Arrangement Advanced Course..............$700

We do not offer Ikebana Arrangement Instructor Course. None of our Ikebana courses is designed for training students to become Ikebana Instructor. If you are interested in learning Ikebana and want to earn practical skills, why not join California Flower Art Academy where you can learn Ikebana with hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions. Our class limits number of students to no more than 4 per class/instructor (typical number per class is 2 to 3). California Flower Art Academy is certified and authorized by Flower Decorators Association Japan. You can take lessons not only on weekdays but also on the weekend at our San Jose classroom (close to Cupertino, Santa Clara County). For further information, please do not hesitate to contact

Japanese Ikebana-II Japanese Ikebana-II
Most people who learn Ikebana at our school are entry level students. All the arrangements introduced in this page were made by our students (or some by graduates) under the instruction of our Ikebana teacher. Therefore most arrangements are beginner level.

Recently we can find some floral artists who learn Ikebana arrangements in addition to European (or American) flower designs. Some people (who already earned skills of making European floral designs) find a different kind of beauty in Ikebana arrangements. Only because they already learned regular kind of floral arrangements, they are in a position to make a fair evaluation about Ikebana's graceful beauty.

Those floral artists often make very creative and unique floral arrangements by way of mixing/blending European style and Japanese style of floral art. As a matter of fact, we can find some Ikebana artists who adopt European style of designs in their Ikebana arrangements. This fact means floral artists are giving influence each other on the way of flower arranging between European style and Japanese style.

Namely learning Ikebana will help you change your style of floral designs and you MAY create quite unique designs, which definitely contribute to expanding your portfolio of your floral arrangements.

If you are interested in learning Ikebana arrangements, why not join under mentioned AFFORDABLE programs that are designed for beginner students who have no (or only little) experience in Ikebana arts:

Ikebana Short Seminar Program
Ikebana Arrangement Elementary Course

REMARKS: We do not offer Ikebana Arrangement Instructor Course. None of our Ikebana courses is designed for training students to become Ikebana Instructor. For more information, please contact

European Design-I European Design-I
European floral arrangements are widely used not only for hobby but also for floral business. If you are planning to engage in floral business such as running a floral shop, work for a florist as a floral designer, offering floral decorations for wedding parties or funeral ceremonies, learning European floral arrangement is a wise decision.

California Flower Art Academy offers a variety of programs & courses for people who want to learn European floral designs. Followings are some of them.

Introductory Trial Budget Program
Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course
Wedding Party Arrangement Basic Course
Wedding Ceremony Arrangement Course
Wedding Floral Decoration Advanced Course
Funeral Floral Decoration Course

Students can make a choice of their most favorite course from our WIDE RANGE OF PROGRAMS according to their purpose, goal and budget. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

European Design-II European Design-II
Among various styles of floral arrangements, European design is considered very elegant, graceful and full of profound beauties with its reasonable size. European floral arrangement is widely used not only for professional floral decorations for a variety of events such as weddings, funerals, holiday decorations, birthday arrangements as well as various corporate arrangements but also for interior home decorations. Namely European flower arrangements can be used for business and hobby as well, which is good for you to enjoy your artistic floral life.

California Flower Art Academy offers a wide range of classes from which our students can make the most favorite one depending upon their taste, budget and goal of learning floral designs. If you are interested in learning flower arrangements and want to find what kind of programs/courses are offered by us, please visit the page of ENTIRE RANGE OF PROGRAMS.

Wedding Design-I Wedding Design-I
For those who would like to learn floral designs for wedding ceremonies and parties, California Flower Art Academy offers various programs as introduced below:

Wedding Party Arrangement Basic Course

Wedding Ceremony Arrangement Course
Wedding Floral Decoration Advanced Course

In order to sign up for above mentioned courses, you must have already learned basic designs of European (or American) arrangements. If you have no previous experience in floral designs, we recommend you to join Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course.

If you want to join more AFFORDABLE and easy wedding flower programs designed for people who have no previous experience in floral arrangement, under mentioned programs are recommended:

Wedding Table Arrangement Centerpiece Seminar
Floral Design Wedding Bouquet Making Course
Wedding Corsage and Wrist Band Making Seminar

For more information feel free to contact

Wedding Design-II Wedding Design-II
Among our students who learn wedding floral arrangements, we can find some people who want to implement DIY (Do it yourself) for their own weddings. Namely in order to minimize the amount of budget for wedding flowers, they want to learn wedding flowers and make floral decorations for their own wedding.

This is a pretty tough project. Most of them are supported by family members who also help make wedding flower decorations at their wedding ceremony and party. Some students join the lesson together with their fiance, in which case they MAY plan to have their own floral shop in the future. After their wedding is over, they MAY help make wedding flowers for their family member(s) and friend(s).

In order to earn skills of making wedding flowers, students need to earn basic skill of fresh flower arrangement. For this purpose, many people start from Fresh Flower Arrangement Basic Course offered by California Flower Art Academy. After completing this course, they join a program specializing in wedding flowers introduced introduced below:

Wedding Party Arrangement Basic Course

Wedding Ceremony Arrangement Course
Wedding Floral Decoration Advanced Course

For more information please contact

Bouquet Design-I Bouquet Design-I
Recommended Program

It takes more time to make bouquets than making regular floral arrangement. Namely it usually takes about two hours to complete one bouquet. Although it is a time consuming project, you must be satisfied with your own bouquets when they are completed. 

The most common way of usage of bouquet is what is called bridal bouquet or wedding bouquet. There are three major types of wedding bouquets. The most popular one is round bouquet (also known as composite bouquet), cascade bouquet and also teared bouquet. The one held by a bride is called hand-tied bouquet. Bouquets are often displayed in a bouquet holder instead of being held by a woman.

The beauty of brides are always enhanced by bouquets and in this sense bouquet is one of mandatory decorative items at weddings. The slide show in this page shows a wide range of bouquet which were actually made at the classroom of California Flower Art Academy. In this page various types of bouquets are introduced. Some of them are held by a woman and some are displayed in the bouquet holder. 

The lesson of making bouquet is included in wedding flower arrangement course. However we offer a special program called Bouquet Making Course for those who would like to concentrate on making bouquets. By joining this course you can learn three types of bouquets.

For more information, feel free to contact

Bouquet Design-II Bouquet Design-II
Bouquet is one of the most popular designs among wedding floral arrangements.  Wedding bouquet is also known as a bridal bouquet. It usually takes 1.5 to 2.0 hours to make one piece of bouquet. Many people want to design and make their own bouquet. Bouquet making is often included in the curriculum of wedding flower arrangement. However in order to join wedding flower arrangement course, students are often required to have a certain level of experience in flower arranging.

Due to the high demand for the bouquet making program, California Flower Art Academy offers a special course focusing on wedding bouquets. This course is called FLORAL DESIGN BOUQUET MAKING COURSE that is offered at a very affordable price. In addition to the price advantage, anybody can sign up for this course regardless of previous experience in floral arrangements.

By joining this course, students can learn 3 types of bouquets. You can also find ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT WEDDING BOUQUETS here. For those who would like to learn wedding flowers, we offer under mentioned wedding related programs at very AFFORDABLE prices:

Wedding Table Arrangement Centerpiece Seminar
Wedding Corsage  and Wrist Band Short Seminar
Floral Design Wedding Bouquet Making Course
Floral Design Wedding Party Arrangement Basic Course
Floral Design Wedding Ceremony Arrangement Course
Floral Design Wedding Decoration Advanced Course

For more information feel free to contact


Bouquet Design-III Bouquet Design-III
Bouquets are mainly used for wedding ceremonies and wedding parties and it is a mandatory item as a wedding decoration. There are many types of bouquets among which the under mentioned three types are quite popular:

If you join Bouquet Making Program offered by California Flower Art Academy, you can learn how to make above mentioned 3 types of bouquets. Our hands on training of ONE ON ONE instruction will help you earn practical skills easily and quickly. We also offer other wedding related programs and courses. If you have any questions, please contact

Pomander design Pomander design

Pomander is also known as a kissing ball which is held by brides and flower girls at weddings. As pomander takes a role of bouquet, some people call it Pomander Bouquet. Pomander greatly helps enhance the beauty of brides. Although pomander is usually held by a bride, it is often used to decorate chairs at wedding ceremony. This is called aisle flower decoration. Pomander is also displayed on the table as a centerpiece decoration. As mentioned above, there are various ways for using a pomander at weddings. If you would like to learn wedding floral decoration, pomander is one of mandatory items you have to master.

The wedding related floral decoration course offered by California Flower Art Academy covers the lesson of making a pomander. The photos in the slide show of this page introduces various types of pomander that were actually designed and made by our students under the instruction of our teacher in the classroom of California Flower Art Academy.

Basket Arrangement Basket Arrangement
Among a lot of floral arrangements, basket arrangement is one of very attractive ones. This is often used as a gift or souvenir when visiting a friend's house at the time of being invited to a party. Also basket arrangement is used at  weddings.

Of course you can display a basket arrangement when decorating your home as a small interior arrangement. The slide show in this page shows various types of basket arrangements. California Flower Art Academy teaches a variety of floral designs from easy one to difficult one. We offer a Wide Range of Programs from which you can make a choice of your most favorite program according to your taste, budget, purpose and goal for learning floral arrangement.

We have been operating as a floral school certified by Flower Decorators Association (Tokyo, Japan) since 1990 in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley (San Jose, Santa Clara County). Lessons are offered every week throughout the year. Those who cannot spare time during weekdays, Weekend Class is available. If you cannot join a daytime lesson, you can join Evening Class

For more information, please contact

Wreath Arrangement Wreath Arrangement
The most popular wreath is a garland type wreath although easel mounted type (standing wreath) is also widely displayed at various occasions. The small wreath is a garland type which is usually worn around a neck like a lei in Hawaii.

Large type of wreath is usually made using floral foam and such wreaths are mounted on easel. This type of wreath is often found at the entrance of a party or ceremony or at the reception of some events. Easel mounted wreath is also popular at funeral ceremony. In addition to garland type and easel mounted wreaths, we can often find home decoration wreaths mounted on Front Door and  the Wall over Fireplace.

Enjoy a variety of wreaths introduced in the slide show of this page. For more information about Home Decoration with Wreaths, please CLICK HERE. For more photos of wreaths made by California Flower Art Academy, click the following LINK: you can enjoy the information about a variety of wreaths:
Easel Mounted Wreath (Standing Wreath or wreath mounted on wreath holder)

If you are looking for affordable wreath making seminar to learn how to make wreaths, why not join Wreath Making Program offered by California Flower Art Academy ?For any questions, please contact

Funeral Arrangement Funeral Arrangement
Recommended Course

While lots of people pay special attention to wedding floral arrangement when learning floral designs, they are apt to forget about learning funeral floral decorations. Quite frankly speaking funeral floral arrangement is as important as wedding decorations. The reason behind this is that there is very high demand for or funeral flowers.

On top of that the business of offering funeral floral decorating services is quite stable. Regardless of season, they are obliged to hold funeral ceremonies as far as "Man/woman is mortal". In this sense we are unable to avoid funeral ceremonies for which funeral flower decorating services are mandatory.

For those who would like to learn funeral floral decorations, California Flower Art Academy offers Funeral Floral Decoration Course. In order to join this special course, students must have already learned basic designs of European (or American floral arrangements). If you have no previous experience in floral arranging, you can join Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course where you can learn basic designs of European arrangement.

Here is information Why the Business of Funeral Floral Decoration Is So Important to floral shop owners and florists. For further information, feel free to contact

Vertical Arrangement Vertical Arrangement
There are various types of vertical arrangements among which beginners can pick up their most favorite ones that can be easily made. Compared to horizontal arrangements, vertical arrangements usually need much less space which greatly helps designers display in various locations. Although horizontal arrangements do not use line flowers, when it comes to vertical arrangements, you can create a variety of atmosphere by way of making the best use of line flowers.

When making arrangement to decorate your home, you can display it on various tables such as dining table, console table and cocktail table. Also on the mantel over a fireplace, vertical arrangements can be easily placed. If you have opportunities of displaying your arrangements in a office, reception counter may be one of the best locations where visitors to your office always enjoy viewing beautiful floral arrangements.

We often find vertical arrangements on the front desk of a hotel and also the cashiers counter of banks and restaurants. In the elevator hall of a hotel, we sometimes find a console table on which beautiful vertical arrangement is displayed.

Slide show in this page shows some of vertical arrangements that were designed and made during actual lessons at California Flower Art Academy.

Horizontal Design Horizontal Design
When learning floral designs, most people are usually recommended to start from vertical arrangements. As the skill of floral designing get advanced gradually, they MAY have interest in other type of designs such as horizontal arrangements.

Horizontal arrangements need a little bit wider space for displaying, which is one of reasons that some people do not like this type of decoration. Especially those who live in a small house have only limited space for placing a large dining table or cocktail table etc.

If you have sufficient space in your home, why not challenge making horizontal arrangements ? When using horizontal arrangements for floral business, one of typical cases is wedding decoration. On the head table at a wedding party, gorgeous floral arrangement can be displayed, which definitely enhance not only the beauty of a wedding place but also enhance the atmosphere of wedding party. 

Enjoy the slide show introducing some of horizontal arrangements that were designed and made by California Flower Art Academy.

Triangle Arrangement Triangle Arrangement
As the name of this design shows, triangle arrangement is made in the shape/form of triangle. Some people call this type of design "Triangle Arrangement". Common type of triangle arrangement is made with fresh flowers. However some people do this arrangement using artificial flowers such as dried flower etc. For your information, we uploaded examples of triangle arrangements using fresh flowers on the slide show in this page.

California Flower Art Academy offers a WIDE RANGE OF PROGRAMS from which students can make a choice of their most favorite course according to their taste, purpose, goal and budget as well. For more information, feel free to contact

All round arrangement All round arrangement
Recommended Course

All round arrangement (or all around arrangement) is one of styles which can be recommended  for entry level students who have recently started to learn floral designs or have not yet earned sufficient skills. One of the main features of this type of arrangement is that this way of decoration can be enjoyed from any kind of angle. Namely it is necessary to make all around arrangement so that the shape looks similar no matter from which direction it is viewed. Needless to say the shape of this arrangement is round like a ball when viewed from the top of design.

The height of this type arrangement is not very high unlike vertical arrangements. Due to its shape of this arrangement, line flowers are not used for this particular design. All arrangements introduced in the slide show were actually designed and made at the classroom of California Flower Art Academy. You can enjoy viewing several examples of this arrangements that are uploaded on the slide show of this page.

If you love flowers and would like to learn floral arrangement, following beginner programs are recommended:

Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course

For more information, feel free to contact

Parallel Arrangement Parallel Arrangement
Parallel arrangement is one of quite unique ways of floral decorations which can be seldom found in our daily life. This arrangement is not very easy for beginners to make. As seen in photos uploaded on the slide show  of this page, it features several vertical line flowers that stands in parallel each other.

If this arrangement is displayed at the entrance of high class restaurant or at the reception of wedding party, the atmosphere of the place can be definitely enhanced.
California Flower Art Academy teaches a variety of floral arrangements. Students can make a choice of their most favorite program from a Wide Range of Programs we offer.

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Easy Arrangement Easy Arrangement

They often say "Simple is the best". When it comes to the floral arrangements for entry level students, this is true. They don't have to make a big deal for making floral arrangements. Especially when enjoying floral decoration for domestic interior purpose, it is not necessary to spend lots of time and money.

They can minimize the budget which is very good to continue the hobby of floral arranging as a lifetime hobby. One of examples for simple and easy floral arrangement recommended to novice designer is "glass container arrangement".
In this case, the container used for the arrangement is cube glass and many of them are transparent.

It is possible to buy a small glass container for a very affordable price ranging from $3 to $5. Go out to your garden or flower shop for buying small pieces of fresh flowers you like and arrange them in the container in the style you like. You can use floral foam or if you don't want to use it, make arrangement without it.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact
Enjoy easy and simple floral decorations.

Cup Arrangement Cup Arrangement
If you can't find any good vase or container for arranging fresh flowers, you can use any kind of daily items in your home such as tea cup, coffee cup, mug cup or teapot whatsoever. There is no rule for daily tiny arrangement regarding not only the choice of flowers but also the  type of containers.  The photo in the slide show some of examples of simple and easy floral arrangements using a mug , teapot and coffee cup.

Enjoy making your own floral decoration on your dining table or cocktail table.

Wine glass decoration Wine glass decoration
There is no rule for the choice of container when making floral arrangement. Some people use simple cube glass container for arranging flowers. If you don't find any suitable container or vase, you can use even a wine glass as a substitute of a floral arrangement vase.

As you know, the size of wine glass is usually quite small. However you can still place flowers in such a instant vase by choosing small size flowers and minimizing the amount of flower materials. The photos in the slide show of this page shows typical example of floral arrangement made in a wine glass.

Heart Shape Design Heart Shape Design
When sending a floral gift to your boy friend, it is a good idea to make a Heart Shaped Arrangement with which you can express your deep love to the recipient. This arrangement is a little bit difficult for a beginner to make. Many of heart shaped floral arrangement are made with artificial flowers and some other ornaments.

You can practice how to make it so that you can give this valuable gift to your boy friend on his coming birthday. The recipient will be very impressed with this hand made gift and he must highly appreciate it.

Green Leaf Design Green Leaf Design
Are you feel bored with ordinary type of floral arrangements ? If you are tired of regular arrangements and looking for something different, we can recommend this particular floral designs featuring green leaves. You can feel quite fresh with this floral decoration because the main player in such design is not flower itself but green leaves.

California Flower Art Academy offers a WIDE RANGE OF PROGRAMS from which students can make their most favorite course according to their taste, purpose, budget and goal for learning floral designs. Those who live in the San Francisco Bay Area (Burlingame, San Mateo County) or Silicon Valley (San Jose, Santa Clara Couty) can easily commute to and from the school.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

Garden Arrangement Garden Arrangement
Garden arrangement is a floral decoration featuring garden fruits and vegetables. For those  who feel bored with regular type of floral designs and looking for something new, garden arrangement is highly recommended. The basic way of arrangement is almost same as regular floral designs. Only difference is the type of materials used for decoration.

If you are tired of ordinary arrangements, go out to your garden or grocery store to pick up daily fruits or vegetables you like so that you will challenge this creative "floral" arrangements. You can of course use ordinary flowers together with fruits and/or vegetables for this type of arrangements.

Gift Box Arrangement Gift Box Arrangement
Would you like to make a hand-made birthday gift for your boyfriend ? If you have floral arranging skills, you can challenge making flower decorated gift box in which you can put a valuable gift your boyfriend likes.

In order to make this kind of floral gift box, you need to prepare at least a few materials such as empty box (to be decorated), ribbon and fresh flowers. Box and ribbon can be bought at a craft shop and flowers should be procured at a floral shop.

Make sure that you find what kind of gift your boyfriend likes so that you can put a right thing in the flower decorated gift box. For easy understanding we uploaded pictures showing this kind of gift boxes which we actually made at the classroom of California Flower Art Academy. 

For those who would like to learn how to make a flower decorated gift box OR gift box flower wrapping, we offer special program by the title of Gift Wrapping Flower Design Program. This is a short seminar offered at affordable price. By joining this seminar you can learn how to make two kinds of gift box. We recommend this program if you are planning to present a gift for a birthday , Christmas or Valentine's Day etc. For more information, please contact 

Fan Shape Design Fan Shape Design
When you view a floral arrangement from the front side, if its shape looks like a fan, you could call it "Fan Shaped Design". Some of them look like a triangular arrangement. Most of such arrangements are made with fresh flowers. But some of them are made with dried flowers.

For your easy understanding, we uploaded some pictures on the slide show introducing "fan shaped designs".

Pumpkin Decoration Pumpkin Decoration
Here are several examples of pumpkin decorations. Many of them are made for enjoying Halloween party. If you are interested in making pumpkin decorations for Halloween and want to challenge DIY, please contact
We are happy to help you make interesting pumpkin arrangement.

Candle Arrangement Candle Arrangement
Floral arrangements with candles are often found in our daily life not only at churches, Christmas time but also as a day to day domestic interior decoration in our home. Lessons for learning candle flower arrangements are done from time to time at California Flower Art Academy. Some of examples of this particular arrangement are introduced on the slide show of this page.

Topiary centerpiece Topiary centerpiece
Topiary is a round shaped floral arrangement but it is different from pomander. Although both topiary and pomander are popular as wedding floral designs, topiary is not a wearable arrangement and it is never held by a bride. The similar point is both are in the shape of a ball. Topiary is arranged in the pot or vase. The photos show some examples of topiary that is a mandatory floral decoration at a wedding party.

Students who learn floral arrangement at California Flower Art Academy have an opportunity of learning how to make topiary centerpiece. The lesson of topiary is included in the curriculum of Wedding Floral Decoration Advanced Course. If you would like to learn wedding floral arrangement, why not join under mentioned courses offered by California Flower Art Academy ?

For more information, please contact

Centerpiece-I Centerpiece-I

Centerpiece is also known as table arrangement. We can find a broad range of centerpieces that can be displayed in various places and occasions. It is typically displayed on the dining, console and cocktail table. This is also found as a corporate arrangement on the counter desk of a hotel and bank as well as a reception desk in the office entrance and cashier's desk of a restaurant etc. etc. In short, centerpieces can be displayed not only in home but also in office. Therefore it makes sense to earn skills of making this arrangement as an initial step when learning floral designs.

The curriculum of California Flower Art Academy covers lessons for learning how to make centerpiece for various occasions. Earning skills to make centerpieces greatly help enrich your life. For more photos showing centerpieces or table arrangements, CLICK HERE.  

For more information, feel free to contact

Centerpiece-II Centerpiece-II
Centerpiece is also known as a table arrangement. However the term of centerpiece MAY have a little bit broader range of meaning. Most people start learning floral arrangement with centerpieces. Since there are so many kinds of centerpieces, it is easy to make a choice of entry level designs among a variety of centerpieces. Your instructor will choose the one suitable for your lesson. For those who would like to learn only centerpieces, California  Flower Art Academy offers Table Arrangement Centerpiece Program at a very affordable price. If you have any questions, please contact

Chair decoration Chair decoration
Most of people engaged in floral designs must be familiar with table arrangements. How about "chair arrangement". Have you ever heard of this word ? Maybe answer is No. Strictly speaking this arrangement should be called "chair back arrangement" or "chair back decoration". As the name shows, floral arrangement is done with the back of chair. If the floral decoration is made for line of chairs at a wedding ceremony, this is often called "Aisle Floral Arrangement".

All chairs placed in the line are decorated with flowers and it looks very beautiful. Apart from weddings, chair back arrangement is found in the dining room where you MAY find chairs, the back of which is decorated with flowers.

For your easy understanding I uploaded some pictures showing flower decorated chairs at weddings and also in the dining room. 

California Flower Art Academy teaches a Broad Range of Flower Arrangements. Students can make a choice of their most favorite course from a Wide Range of Programs we offer. If you are looking for a reliable floral design school offering quality classes, why not join California Flower Art Academy ? For more information, feel free to contact

Cake Arrangement Cake Arrangement
We sometimes arrange flower decoration on a cake that are used at various parties such as birthday, anniversary and wedding party etc etc. The curriculum of Wedding Party Arrangement Basic Course offered by California Flower Art Academy covers practice of arranging flower decoration made on a wedding cake. Most of photos in this page show cakes (our students brought to the classroom) on which they practiced how to make flower decoration.

Corsage Arrangement Corsage Arrangement
All pictures shown in this page are taken at the classroom of California Flower Art Academy like other photos introduced in other pages. These photos show corsages actually designed and made by our students under the instruction of floral arrangement teacher during lessons at our school. The typical event using corsages and boutonnieres is a wedding.  

There are so many types of wedding flowers from table arrangements, arch decorations, aisle arrangements (chair decorations) to wearable (or portable) flower decorations such as bouquets, pomanders, basket arrangements, corsages, wristbands and boutonnieres etc. etc. 

These floral decorations are mandatory items for enhancing the happy atmosphere of weddings and also the beauty of brides and grooms. If you have a decent skill of floral arrangements and familiar with wedding flower decorations, you can make the best use of your talent and skills for wedding flowers.

For those who are not familiar with flower arrangements and wedding floral decorations but want to learn wedding floral arrangements, California Flower Art Academy can help. Among a variety of wedding flowers, we are pleased to introduce CORSAGE SEMINAR PROGRAM. Unlike some of wedding related flower design courses, anybody can sign up for this seminar regardless of previous experiences in floral arrangement and wedding flower decorations. This is a one day seminar program for learning under mentioned items:

Regular Corsage (designed for women)............................1 piece
Wrist Corsage or Wristband (designed for women)............1 piece
Boutonniere (designed for gentlemen)...............................2 pieces   

If you would like to earn more skills of wedding flower arrangements, click following

Crescent arrangement Crescent arrangement
These crescent arrangements were made during lessons in the classroom of California Flower Art Academy. As its name tells, crescent floral arrangement has the shape of crescent. This design offers a beauty of graceful curve line and different atmosphere created by asymmetrical arrangement. This way of arrangement is very popular in Japanese Ikebana art. However we often find the similar way of arrangement in Western designs such as European and American floral arrangements.

L shaped arrangement L shaped arrangement
As its name says, L shaped arrangement is designed using the shape of letter "L". This is one of typical asymmetrical arrangements.   

S shaped arrangement S shaped arrangement
In addition to L shaped arrangement, we also find S shaped arrangement. As its name shows, this is the arrangement featuring the shape of letter "S". Since the letter of alphabet S has a beautiful curve, S shaped flower arrangement also offers the beauty of graceful curved lines. This arrangement is also known as Hogarth design.   

Cube glass arrangement Cube glass arrangement
Photos in this page show simple flower arrangements using a transparent cube glass container. All arrangements are designed and made by our students under the instruction of our instructor at the classroom of California Flower Art Academy EXCEPT the one that clearly shows the photo source.

You can get a cube glass container at a very affordable price ranging from $2 to $5 per piece. Although the arrangements are very small, they can be displayed on the table and the mantel over a fireplace.  

Corner Arrangement Corner Arrangement
The photos in this page are examples of unique floral designs that is called "Corner Arrangement". As its name shows, this arrangement is placed in the corner on the table. The advantage of this arrangement is that we can make the best use of a limited space.

Corporate Arrangement Corporate Arrangement
Some people use the term "Corporate Arrangement". This means floral arrangements mainly prepared for the display at corporation. Namely it means floral decorations designed not for private use but for corporate use based on corporation's budget. Therefore the place of displaying floral decoration is business related places such as entrance hall of a hotel, banquet room, office reception counter or event hall as well as a restaurant entrance whatsoever. Naturally the size of arrangements is usually larger than domestic use or interior flower decorations. For more information about corporate flower arrangement, CLICK HERE.

Students of California Flower Art Academy can earn various kinds of floral arranging skills for hobby to business purposes. If you want to earn flower arranging skills and would like to attend a floral design class, why not join California Flower Art Academy who offers a WIDE RANGE OF PROGRAMS. For more information, please contact  

Unique Arrangement Unique Arrangement
If you are tired of ordinary floral arrangements and looking for something unique or unusual, you MAY like these designs introduce in this page such as unusual vertical arrangements you seldom find, very high value added table arrangement using beautiful cloth surrounding it, decoration designed to be placed at the corner of table, design featuring green leaves and custom designed welcome arrangement which is quite good for placing in the foyer of entrance showing "Welcome".

Table arrangement-1 Table arrangement-1
Table arrangement is also known as a centerpiece. If you want to find more photos showing centerpiece decorations, CLICK HERE. For those who have interest in having experience of making table arrangement (or centerpiece decoration), we want to  recommend Table Arrangement Centerpiece Program that is a one day seminar. By joining this seminar, you can learn 3 types of table arrangements spending about 3-4 hours (depending on number of students and skill of each student). If you would like to learn a little bit more about floral designs, we can recommend Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course.

Above programs are offered every week at San Jose (Silicon Valley: Santa Clara County) and also Buringame (San Mateo County close to San Francisco Airport) not only on weekdays but also on the weekend. If you are busy during weekdays or the day time, why not join Weekend Class or Evening Class ?  For more information about California Flower Art Academy, please contact

Table arrangement-2 Table arrangement-2
Table arrangement (or centerpiece) is one of the most popular types of floral designs that range from easy one to high level arrangement. In most cases when students learn floral arrangements, they usually start with easy table arrangement. California Flower Art Academy offers Introductory Trial Budget Program that is recommended to people who have no previous experience in floral designs.  For more photos showing centerpiece decorations, CLICK HERE.

If you would like to learn a little bit more about flower arrangements, why not join Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course ? We offer above program/course every week not only on weekdays but also on the weekend at our San Jose classroom (Santa Clara County in Silicon Valley) and also Burlingame extension class (San Mateo County close to San Francisco Airport) throughout the year. For more information, feel free to contact

Table Arrangement-3 Table Arrangement-3
At California Flower Art Academy, students who have no experience in floral arrangement usually start from learning table arrangements. Table arrangement is also known as a centerpiece which has a wide range of types from easy and popular ones to difficult and high end ones. Our instructor selects the one that is suitable for beginner students so they do not have a hard time for digesting the curriculum. 

Table arrangement-4 Table arrangement-4
Table arrangement is one of the most popular floral designs. it can be displayed at home, office and everywhere you like. Table arrangement is also known as centerpiece. Many people start learning floral arrangement with table arrangement.
For those who would like to concentrate on table arrangement, California Flower Art Academy offers Table Arrangement Centerpiece Program. If you have any questions, please contact

Asymmetrical Design Asymmetrical Design
Floral designs can be divided into two large groups. One is symmetrical arrangement and the other is asymmetrical one. Most of floral designs are symmetrical arrangement. However we can find many asymmetrical designs. The typical asymmetrical arrangement can be found in the following designs:

Asymmetric arrangement is difficult because the shape of each half of design is not the same. Therefore this arrangement is not recommended for beginners to make it. However well experienced floral artists can enjoy creative and unique style of designs by making the best use of the features of asymmetrical arrangements.

California Flower Art Academy offers a WIDE RANGE OF PROGRAMS from Japanese Ikebana to European arrangement, traditional to contemporary arrangement AND beginner to professional designs. If you have interest in fresh flower arrangement and would like to make a difference in floral art, we can help. 
 For more information, feel free to contact

Underwater arrangement Underwater arrangement
The term of underwater arrangement is seldom heard. This is also known as submerged arrangement. Flowers are usually placed in the water of tall container that is usually transparent so that it can be viewed from outside of a vase. Some people put colorful glass beans inside of the container.

Geometric design Geometric design
The term geometric arrangement is seldom heard. This arrangement is designed against a backdrop of geometric greenery. Flowers are usually arranged in the water. All flowers and plants (if any) should be under the water. We usually use transparent tall container so that the arrangement can be easily viewed from outside of the transparent vase. Some designers put colorful glass beads in the container. 

Front door decoration Front door decoration
Photos for all the designs introduced in this page are from Better Homes and Gardens.
Quite unique and creative eye catching arrangements are designed so they can be mounted on the front door or front gate to welcome guests.

California Flower Art Academy has been engaged in teaching a wide range of floral designs in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley (San Jose) since 1990 as a floral school certified by Flower Decorators Association (Tokyo Japan). We offer hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions (semi private lessons) which greatly help entry level students easily and quickly earn a decent level of skills. If you are looking for a reliable floral arrangement instructors or floral design school offering quality classes with cheap, inexpensive and affordable tuition in the San Francisco Bay Area (San Mateo County) or Silicon Valley (San Jose, Santa Clara County), why not join California Flower Art Academy ? We help you make a difference in floral art.

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