www.ckdub.com represents my given initials CKW = Charles Kent Williams, and my work as an artist. green represents many things; connection to the planet, accumulation of wealth, the color of the heart chakra, the color in the middle of the spectrum, balance, plant life, fresh ... The majority of my fine art is an on going language and family of totem animals - Created for urban beautification and as alternative messages to large budget advertising.
Cosmopolitanistic MorphoTotemism 
I have shown art in many amazing places. My work is in many amazing collections. You can find my work in these books; Street Logos - Tristan Manco, I NY - Kelly Burns, Graffiti World - Nicholas Ganz. I am currently operating from New York City; Brooklyn and SoHo. For detailed Artist Bio, CV, to purchase work, and other inquiries please email.





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