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Are you still selling out and about?
-- Sue, 3/19/21

I pass you by in Soho sometimes. Love your work!
-- Jennifer Swett, 7/17/15

Charlie Where exactly are you set up in NY? Will be there next week and would love to get some more of your great shirts!
-- Stephanie Levitan, 10/9/14

Can't wait to buy more of your work. Your painting hangs on a red wall in our sons really pops!
-- Courtney Helm, 8/8/13

havent been to new york in forever but im in desperate need of some new artwork!
-- Ryan Kee, 6/27/13

Love your work!!!!! Nice meeting you!!!!
-- Cesy Calderon, 4/3/13

Love your stuff
-- Cathi Hadji Curtis, 2/16/13

Hey man, I bought a piece of work, seft-eye redwud critter, on saturday. He more i look at it, the more i find it to have a subtle appeal. Im definitely gonna come around again. Keep up the great work!
-- Parry Kim, 1/20/13

Our family met you on Prince st. We ALL instantly loved your work. The 2 pieces we bought are now beautyfully decorating our wall in Tel-Aviv. Happy to have met you! Will continue following your work.
-- Michal, 10/19/12

Hey.. I bought a couple of your works recently on Prince Street. I was the guy who walked all the way to the ATM to find I'd forgotten my card. Your pieces have taken pride of place in my office. Thanks- keep doing what you are doing. Alex
-- Alex Borg, 9/22/12

i love your guys work
-- Zandile Radebe, 9/21/12

met you in NYC ..... interested in a purchase .... please advise. john
-- John-zhao Roberts, 9/6/12

we LOVE our crusty bunny! COOL work you are doing....itz gonna fit right in at my coffee roastery in cave creek, az
-- David Anderson, 9/3/12

do you have any collage critters that don't look so sad, I love the sad guys but was curious
-- Christina Razzi, 8/19/12

One of your art is hanging in my livingroom in Norway. Its give me joy !!!! Is it possible to buy long distance? hug from Elin
-- Elin Mong, 8/18/12

hey buddy....spoke to you briefly down in soho on your works ....good luck on your tattoo..
-- Barry Robbins, 7/15/12

just checking your site love your hearts and stripes!! you've been busy!!!
-- Terri Vanderkooy, 7/1/12

My daughter loves her "HENRI" and we hung it on her wall tonight. lookingb forward to chatting again. Great stuff. Elisa and Caroline
-- Elisa Larson, 6/17/12

Hey Charlie, i met you today on prince street. You have a great vibe man, like i said, keep following your heart and your dreams. You got something. Much Love -Josue Perez
-- Josue Perez, 6/14/12

Hey Charlie its ryan (girl) from myrtle beach south carolina I've bought some of your pieces. I recently moved into my own place and just had to tell you how much good they look...I am starting a collection I have 3 so far and plan on getting more and more! keep up the amazing work!
-- Ryan Kee, 6/13/12