Artist, Cheryl Ehlers
Cheryl Ehlers is an award winning and published artist, she holds a BFA from FIT in New York in Commercial Textile and Fine Art. Living in Southern California, Ehlers is fundamentally interested in creating works that call for the participation of the audience to the same extent as their involvement, and believes it is the job of the artist to always deepen the mystery of the story, and evoke basic human emotions. Her works encompass a variety of genres in Fine Art Painting, Graphic and Textile Design, and uses a variety of mediums in acrylic and watercolors, all with bold color and dynamic emotions.

As an artist, the canvas is my mouthpiece. My art speaks with vibrant colors, bold strokes, and it whispers my secrets, shares my passions, and expresses emotions and anguish, while taunting sensibilities.
Art is a component of culture, reflects economic and social substrates, and transmits ideas and values inherent in every culture across space and time. I find as its role changes through time, so do I. It pushes me to strive to learn, create, and fulfill my journey, by exposing my feelings through the art, and placing it out into the universe, I find such in joy in the reactions that take place in its awakening.

Being involved in the arts for over 40 years, has combined experiences as a current arts curator, past Arts Administrator for the City of Encinitas, and Event Coordinator for the City of Carlsbad, to heightened her artist directions, and organizational strengths, enabling her to reach farther than most.   She expanded her artistic practice to include The Stardust Arts, which provides art and education to underserved youth/adults, empowering those with confidence in using creativity as a language for a lifetime journey into self-exploration. She is recognized by the California State Assembly and the San Diego Board of Supervisors, for providing art education in many cities in San Diego County, and has received grants to further art education to those less fortunate.

She enjoys exhibitions for not only local galleries, and organizations, but for the elderly retirement homes, youth art projects, and for those that need a pick-me up to expand the quality of life. Art is ever-changing and always seems to take on a life of its own, when it comes from emotions; we are always exploring to become a better person. It is magical!


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