Custom Trees

Custom Steel Trees are a specialty and passion of mine.  I will personally design a unique tree for the perfect space.
Steel Trees will develop a pleasing rust patina outside.
Exterior Trees can be have a patina and be clear coated to resist the elements.
Stainless Steel Trees will resist the elements and remain a pleasing silver color.
Interior Trees will add and interesting and unique focal point.
I create trees from about 3 feet tall to 20 feet tall
 Prices vary depending on the material, finish and fullness of the foliage. 

Custom Trees for New Home Custom Trees for New Home
A pair of trees custom designed to fit exterior "alcoves" for this custom home.

Olive Trees Olive Trees
Each leaf is copper plated and a verdigris patina applied which produces unique coloring.

14 Foot Steel Tree Garden Renovation 14 Foot Steel Tree Garden Renovation
Green patina leaves, rust colored trunk.  Hayden Island, Portland Oregon.

Custom 8 Foot Tree Custom 8 Foot Tree
Custom 8 foot tall tree with light green patina on the leaves and durable clear coat to...

18 Foot Steel Tree 18 Foot Steel Tree
Green patina leaves, rust colored trunk.  Hayden Island, Portland Oregon.

Stainless Steel 7 Foot Aspen Stainless Steel 7 Foot Aspen
Custom stainless steel tree for the cabin.

12' Magnolia Tree 12' Magnolia Tree
Life-like steel magnolia is powder coated.  Created for outdoor environments.

17 Foot Stainless Steel Tree 17 Foot Stainless Steel Tree
Custom stainless steel tree. Custom roots spread over the stump of a large fir tree that...

12' Custom Tree 12' Custom Tree
Tree with unique elongated leaves.


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