Landscape Art

Flowers Flowers
Custom Landscape Flowers are dear to my heart.  I love creating my poppies, sunflowers and daisies.  Sometimes you need something special.

My flowers are created from cold-rolled steel and made to order.  Most of my giant flower blossoms are 22” in diameter and powder coated, painted, or both with a clear-coat finish. The stems are made with a variety of patinas and clear-coated to withstand the elements

I create flowers from about 2 feet tall to 7 feet tall.  Prices vary depending on the material, finish. 

Custom Trees Custom Trees
Custom Steel Trees are a specialty and passion of mine.  I will personally design a unique tree for the perfect space.
Steel Trees will develop a pleasing rust patina outside.
Exterior Trees can be have a patina and be clear coated to resist the elements.
Stainless Steel Trees will resist the elements and remain a pleasing silver color.
Interior Trees will add and interesting and unique focal point.
I create trees from about 3 feet tall to 20 feet tall
 Prices vary depending on the material, finish and fullness of the foliage. 

Birds and Animals Birds and Animals
Custom Birds and Animals

 My Birds and Animals are all handmade and unique.  I’m always looking for a new challenge and would love to create something new for you.