Alex Chapman
Alex Chapman

Alex Chapman, Musician

Alex Chapman has been playing music professionally since the age of 14. Hailing from South County, RI, he has been featured nationally + internationally with several original projects in addition to being a sideman in many other groups. His flexibility has allowed him to work convincingly in a wide variety of genres: jazz, rock, funk, classical, blues, progressive, R&B, soul-jazz, swing, pop, soul, Latin-jazz, metal, big-band, hip-hop, fusion, metal, avant-garde, theater, non-classifiable genres + more.


Having been fortunate to learn early on from experienced masters as well as musicians with very strong personalities, Chapman has been fortunate to be able to gain a lot of knowledge from a lot of different perspectives early on + throughout the years. Trained formally (lessons with Mike Sartini, Mike Connors, and Bob Gullotti) and informally (through the tradition of learning on the bandstand), he has also been teaching for about as long as he's been performing -- starting with teaching at the University of Rhode Island summer music camps (ages 16-18) in addition to teaching privately in RI and MA. To him, music is a way to connect with people in a way that a lot of other means of communication cannot -- 

which is why he is dedicated to both performing and teaching this important art form. 

Currently, he can be seen with the Travis Colby Band, Bored With Four, Lonnie Gasperini, and Matt Macaulay, in addition to several cover bands as well as freelancing.

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