Derek Labrie and Lisa Pelligrino
Derek Labrie and Lisa Pelligrino

Derek LaBrie, Composer

Derek LaBrie is a young local Providence composer. He is a classically trained pianist and tenor. He is a long time singer with the Schola Cantorum of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church and plays in the Extraordinary Rendition Band of Providence as a trombonist. Derek is an aspiring subsistence farmer and has been volunteering with Scratch Farm for the past 4 years. 

One of those years was spent as a part-time apprentice to the farm. His most current volunteering venture is with the RI Food Policy Council as a member of their group "Increased Production and Need for Local Food."

Lisa Pellegrino, Musician
Born in the Bronx and raised in a snobby suburb in Dirty Jersey, Lisa likes to not talk about where she’s from. The daughter of a nurse and psychologist, she knew from an early age that she wanted to be a famous actress comedian, or so she thought. Now she thanks her lucky stars she dodged the fame bullet, and is more focused on joy, inner-peace and subsistence farming. Inspiration spouts from conversations, sonic or visual, that swirl around zero waste, biomimicry, systems-thinking, service learning, radical marching bands, power structures & governing styles, passion-led education, strength-based treatments & alternative forms of therapy, the Multiverse, sounds, and words. She is a tinkerer and loves to play, whether that be her mandolin “Rigby”, “Bix” her cornet, or “Jo Oak” her banjotar. A lover of all things nature related, naturally Lisa finds herself at home when in a forest or adoringly gazing at Mother Ocean. Did I mention trees? Oh wow, she’s really into trees, too. Yeah yeah, but what does she do? A question she finds to be very telling, nosy and stale. Yeah yeah, so what does she do for money? She works at the Trudeau Center in Warwick, RI and along with one other wonderful human bean, she runs the Children’s Recreation Program which provides after-school activities, trips, and camps for special needs kids. What Lisa would most like you to know about her though, is that she has a lot to learn.

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