Glenn Alexander
Glenn Alexander

Glenn Alexander, Percussionist

Glenn Alexander is a founding member of the band Tevellus and also a freelance drummer, audio engineer at Lupos Heartbreak Hotel, producer at Big Red Studios, and jack-of-many-trades. 

He was born in Quincy, MA (1970) but is a lifelong resident of Providence, RI. His original musical influence was drum & bugle corps. Older cousins were in drum corps so his mom was bringing him to shows before he was born, those marching beats being pounded into his DNA. In 3rd grade he picked up his first instrument, trombone, even though his arms weren't long enough to reach all the notes. It was around this same time that he discovered the band KISS which was a big deal for a little kid in the 70s - his first real taste for rock. He then got to join a Drum & Bugle Corps (two in fact: The West Shore Imperials and The Rhode Island Picadors) and spent the next five years marching in many parades and competitions. As a teenager his thirst for rock overshadowed everything. He became a huge fan of Rush,Van Halen and Iron Maiden, quit drum corps, and got an electric guitar for his 15th birthday. After realizing how difficult it was and that he was a terrible guitar student he moved on to doing some teen roadie work for an all Latin band, and later became a sound guy at a Latin club...Those beats also forged their way into his musical vocabulary. He went for a few years of not playing any music and then a different kind of beat, a heartbeat, was introduced into his life as his daughter Kristyn was born. He picked up the drums again at age 21 and hasn't stopped playing. He currently plays with Tevellus, State of Vapor, Zawadi, Yellow no.5, Shovelhead, Hiding Behind Youth, and Mirra, to name a few. Glenn also teaches private music lessons to children. Many influences mentioned above shaped his drumming style into what it is today, but discovering Frank Zappa's music is probably the biggest influence and lesson out of them all....There are no rules in music.

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