Jamie Lee Fury
Jamie Lee Fury

Jamie Lee Fury, Belly Dancer

Belly dance performer & Creative Fusion Belly Dance's instructor and proprietor, providing belly dance performances, classes, and workshops in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Ms. Fury began her dance training at the age of four and has been performing professionally since 2005. She has extensional foundational dance & movement studies in ballet, modern, Latin, jazz, Irish step, hula, and figure skating. Her Middle Eastern Dance studies include styles of Egyptian, Folkloric, Cabaret, Turkish Romany (Gypsy) and Tribal Fusion belly dance.

Jamie Lee's most notable instructors include Suhaila Salimpour, Nourhan Sharif, Artemis Morat, Rachel Brice, and Sharon Kihara, among others.

Her most extensive study has concentrated on the Jamila Salimpour format which is an amalgamation of different Middle Eastern dance styles. She is also naturally influenced by some of the evolutionary paths created out of this style such as American Tribal and Fusion Tribal styles.

Ms. Jamie Lee Fury's diverse dance stylization background makes a unique tapestry of uniting dance forms with a strong traditional belly dancing root.

Ms. Jamie Lee Fury performs with many top performers in Rhode Island, including * Hemlok (signed to Transit Records) * Tevellus * The Danger Danger Birds * The ViennaGram * Fountain Street Creative * Circus Theatrics. * Swords, Songs and More * Kevin Williams & The Invisible Orphans.

Ms. Fury also performs as a solo act at many private events, parties, festivals, fairs, and restaurants, as well as public venues and stages.

For more info on Jamie Lee Fury & Creative Fusion Belly Dance visit www.MsFury.webs.com

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