Jesus Andujar
Jesus Andujar

Jesus Andujar, Musician

Mr. Andujar was born in the Dominican Republic. He developed his timing, rhythm, tempo and ear for music while working on the farms. He peeled rice, using a big piece of wood with a hole in it, using his hands to smash the rice. This is when he developed his extraordinary talent for playing drums with bands in the Dominican Republic and becoming a great percussionist.

Jesus went to New York City and studied at the New York Collective Drumming School with the likes of Bobby Sanabria, Ricky Sebastian and Mike Clark. Later, he relocated to Puerto Rico, where he played with various well-known Island groups like Grupo Wao, Bonny Cepeda, and many others.

Jesus is not only a master percussionist but also an educator in terms of enlightening all of those around him in the intricacies of the Latin groove.

Mr. Andujar and his band, Grupo Sazon, an incredibly talented group of musicians, continue to play in the New England area, especially in the State of Rhode Island.

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