Mark Cutler
Mark Cutler

Mark Cutler, Singer, Songwriter

Mark Cutler is a singer/songwriter who resides in the state of RI. Rockers, cowpokes and punks have covered his songs. In the days before corporate playlists, Cutler’s meticulously crafted, heartfelt rock, pop and alt-country songs gained heavy rotation throughout the Northeast. He led his first band, The Schemers, to popular acclaim in famous (and infamous) juke joints like Lupos Heartbreak Hotel, The Living Room and CBGBS. His guitar driven tunes, played and sung at every gig as if for the very last time, assured the young songwriter’s band its victories in both WBRU’s Rock Hunt  and WBCN’s Rock & Roll Rumble. 

The first CD by Cutler’s next project, The Raindogs, received a four star review in Rolling Stone. “Lost Souls” (Atco) reminds you how a good record can explore musical byways and still be firmly grounded in hard, riveting, mainstream rock & roll”. While touring in support of legends such as Bob Dylan and Warren Zevon, Cutler and the Raindogs recorded “Border Drive-in Theatre” (Atco)-with guest spots from Iggy Pop and Harry Dean Stanton, and soaring fiddle from their band mate, the late, great Johnny Cunningham.

A gifted guitarist and award-winning singer/songwriter from Providence, Rhode Island, Cutler continues to add unique entries to the great American songbook and leads a variety of roots-rock bands, combines powerful lyrics with memorable melodies and driving rhythm. He spins tales about men who drink alone or hover over a lover. He sings stories about ghosts, midget wrestlers, walking in the woods, walking in the night, being remembered, just being alive and getting used to this.  

Mark has performed for dozens of charities over the decades. He and his bandmates have helped raise money for the homeless, the hungry, the sick and for folks who just need a hand.

Like the character Travis Bickle, Cutler will “play anytime and anywhere” and sometimes he’ll show up alone with his guitar and sing for you whether you like it or not.


"First Face - The Buck Starts Here" -  PBS

"Hit and Run History" - WGBH Boston - "The Privateer"

"Hit and Run History" - WGBH -Boston - "The Refugee"

"Finding Lovecraft" - Independent Film

"The Disco Exorcist" - Independent Film (Opening song 'That's All Right')


The Schemers-

1982 WBRU Rock Hunt EP ‘Hi Fashion Girl’

1983 Big Bubble Records - City History Compilation ‘Streamline Heart’

1984 Big Bubble Records - ‘I Want Some Fun/That Shadow’

2004 - The Schemers ‘Remember’ retrospective

The Raindogs

1987 - Monolyth Records - ‘Lonesome Pain/Grey House’

1990 - ATCO Records - ‘Lost Souls’

1991 - ATCO Records - ‘Border Drive In Theater’

The Dino Club

2002 Potters field Records – ‘Hey! Drink Up’

2005 Potters field Records – ‘Bright Screen Wide’


1995 - Potters field Records ‘Gas Boy’

1996 - Potters field Records ‘Six All the Way’

1998 - Potters field Records - ‘Skylolo’

1999 - Line Records - ‘Lexington 1-2-5’

2010 – 75 or Less Records - ‘Red’

2012 - 75 or Less Records - ‘Sweet Pain’

2013 - 75 of Less Records - 'Dreamland'

Notable Awards

1982 WBRU Rock Hunt Winner (Schemers)

1984 WBCN Rock n Roll Rumble Winner (Schemers)

1990 Boston Music Award – New Act of the Year (Raindogs)

1992 Newpaper –Best New Act (Buddy Holiday)

1995 LA Times Record of the Year (Gas Boy)

2008 Motif Award for best singer

2009 Motif Award for best singer/songwriter

2010 Providence Phoenix singer of 2010

2012 Motif Magazine Album of the Year (Sweet Pain), Singer/Songwriter of the Year, and Rock Male Vocalist of the Year

2015 Inducted into the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame

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