Meghan Kallman
Meghan Kallman

Meghan Kallman, Sociologist, Accordionist, Dancer, etc.

Meghan Kallman is a sociologist and researcher. A former professional modern dancer, Meghan took up the accordion after an injury and hasn't put it down since. Although originally inspired by traditional New England and French Canadian folk tunes, she and her accordion joined Providence's Extraordinary Rendition Band in 2012 and have been learning new styles of music ever since (as well as how to play the trumpet).

During the day, Meghan studies social change organizations through a doctoral fellowship at Brown University, trying to understand how they succeed, why they fail, and how we can sustain idealism and activism in a globalized world. A woods rat from very rural New Hampshire, Meghan settled in Rhode Island after living in La Romana, Dominican Republic, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, Cochabamba, Bolivia, and aboard a traditionally-rigged schooner in the Long Island Sound. Meghan is an active member of the climate change movement in New England, a beekeeper, a wielder of power tools, and a founder of the Epic Skill Swap.

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