Mitch Alden
Mitch Alden

Mitch Alden, Musician

My name is Mitch Alden. My story is simple…I turned down “using” my Economics degree from the University at Albany in 1991 to be a hippie musician. And then reality struck :) Really…I started out writing for and playing guitar with an acoustic duo/full band named “On Air” in Albany, NY from ’90 – ’92; the band relocated to Boulder, CO in ’93 and toured the front range & Rocky Mountain ski towns for 3 years…WAY fun. However, as we turned 25 & 26, life decisions amongst 6 guys who each wanted slightly different directions split this band up. It was hard, but we all learned a lot.

I moved back east to Boston in ’96 and played the major label game with a pop/rock band called “7 Acres” through 2000; I was the co-songwriter and lead guitar player. The project was fun, but ended a little more harshly than I thought it would…During my run for 'the deal,' the record industry was going through mergers, fighting Napster, and dropping bands left and right. Through all that industry change, my band got lost in the shuffle, broke up in the fall of ’99, and I ended up floating around wondering what the heck I was going to do next.

Inventory on my life needed to be taken…I had a bunch of songs that I’ve always wanted to sing, a bunch of songs still to write, and the dire need to get the heck out of a major metropolis, settle down in the woods of Maine with Dylan, my wife and best friend, and ultimately learn how to be a lead singer. After a year of practicing, practicing, and still more practicing, I hit the stage solo acoustic in 2001. This gig was scary! But it was so liberating and fun that I knew I was on the right track…to addiction! To this day, I cannot stop playing. Both NOW is NOW & myself as a solo acoustic player perform many shows a month throughout Maine, NH, VT, & occasionally down in NYC (my old stomping grounds).

As for the history of the band & the music you’re hearing... In 2001, I met drummer/harmony master Neil Caroll, rotated a few bass players, and ultimately cut the first NOW is NOW full length CD, “Transitions.” 2003 rolled around with yet more rotating bass players and the band’s second full-length CD, “Days of Summer.” Thankfully, after the recording of "Days", bass guru Drew Wyman found us and we’ve been in this rockin' format ever since. In the spirit of growth, 3 years of consistent playing led to the 2006 recording of “Never Go Back” and even more gigs :)

In a nutshell, LIFE RULES. We get to play so many venues and have met countless friends along the way. We live in a beautiful area, work within the balance of our now ‘responsible’ lives, and simply LOVE to get on stage and make people smile  We couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Each gig seems to be better than the last, more and more CDs keep ending up in the hands of great folks like you – and requested over and over at our shows – and ultimately leads to more happiness.  You gotta love an amazing positive circle.

I can go on and on so I’ll shut up now! My hopes are you’re digging the vibes you’re hearing, will eventually venture out to see us sometime (and if you have, come again and again), and dance yourself silly. Our focus is on fun…plain and simple. Life does indeed rule...Won't you come share it with us?

Peace & hugs,

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