Stef Grant
Stef Grant

Stef Grant, Performance Artist

"It makes me ridiculously happy to help people."

Stef Grant is a performance artist whose main objective is to get you to smile.  You may recognize her as Lola Sugarbottom, who hustles her homemade gourmet cupcakes at fundraising and arts events.  Lola Sugarbottom dons a bright pink wig, vintage heels, and an upcycled apron that Stef has stitched herself.  This sassy character gives only but a glimpse into the exciting life of Stef Grant.  

A native Rhode Islander, she was raised in a big family that continues to grow as her parents care for foster children.  Being surrounded by people from many walks of life has inspired her to "bring happiness to shitty situations."  Now living in Providence, Stef chooses to utilize her creative abilities and nurturing nature to truly help people.  For seven years she worked as a nursing assistant for Hospice and Alzheimer's patients. She strives to further her ability to aid with the continued study of human psychology and American Sign Language.

Stef Grant is known for her many creative talents.  She is passionate about costuming, especially when it comes to gore.  Every October she rolls deep with a crew of zombies that she has orchestrated.  Also beware of the even more dangerous "Honey Bunnies" a group of vixens that she dolls up for the annual Wooly Fair.  Wooly Fair is the Providence-born DIY arts carnival, an interactive event of the absurd and spectacular!  Stef was an elected "governor" of Wooly Town 2013, "Off The Grid and on the Lamb," and designed and created a special interactive installation, "The Woods."

Grant's artistry is exemplified in her porcelain jewelry and sculpture.  With astute attention to detail, she makes high-fire porcelain objects with a variety of image transfer techniques including custom laser transfers as well as vintage. She uses stencils, silkscreens, as well as hand painting and gold and platinum lusters.  Her choice of imagery ranges from vintage pinup girls to bird skulls, and though edgy and fun, they embody a timeless elegance. 

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