My daughter is in Ecuador volunteering to help a poor village create a better library.  The following is a letter from her explaining her immediate needs.
 I would like to donate 100% of the proceeds from "Two Trees" t shirts to her most worthy cause.  They are $20 dollars each.  Available sizes are medium, large and extra large. The available color is black.

Please contact me if you would like to help out by emailing me at

"Hey I know we´re all tight on money and everything, but really even just a dollar goes such a long way down here in Ecuador. So just hear me out for a sec guys.

A fellow volunteer, Rose, and I are working at raising money to get what we need to start putting tiles down and renovating this huge room that at the moment is just crap storage at the biblioteca. It has so much potential but we need your help to buy supplies (aka tiles, paint, cement etc)!

I really want to be able to leave here in December having finished what I started and having given something to this organization that it desperately needs. This place is more than a library, it´s a community center and this room will be used everyday without a doubt whether it be for classes, meetings, studying, dancing, whatever. I´m really excited about this project so anything you can give means the world.

Think of it as a birthday present to me!"

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