Recently I have had the distinct pleasure of working with David Lang on an upcoming collaborative artful project.

David has been building sculpture since 1969. Much of his early work was large outdoor public sculpture, mostly in Cor-ten and stainless steel. He is also an accomplished watercolorist, photographer and writer. He chaired the Art Department at Middlesex School in Concord from 1972 thru 2003. Since retiring from teaching he maintains studios in Natick, MA and in Co. Clare, Western Ireland. His focus is mostly on kinetic interactive narrative sculpture. The work is intricate, delicate and in many ways enigmatic, frequently presented on welded wire wheels. It is often whimsical and playful, and always thought provoking.

This video clips is of my two little magic friends, Ben and Emerson, discovering one of David's pieces entitled "The Day the Castinetti Sisters First Learned to Fly".

Sharing an interest in abandoned spaces and the residual emotional energy left behind in images, smells and touch, David and I share a common artful path that will reveal itself as a collaborative installation in the very near future.

Please stay tuned....

My best,



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