Creating Your Vision Photography Workshop
Hosted by the Boston Sculptors Gallery
and David Lee Black Studios

20th in a series of a wonderful growing community of supportive and talented artists of all skill levels who connect through photography and this unique experiential event. 
This event is open to all skill levels of photography.

We are very fortunate to have professional ballet dancer Meredith Wellswho will be interacting with the artful space and artist Christina Zwart's "Pussy Power" orchestrated to music! 

Pussy Tower, Christina Zwart’s second solo exhibition at the Boston Sculptors Gallery, will be on view April 5 to May 7, 2017. Galvanized by the election results and President Trump’s disparaging comments about women, Zwart presents an 11 foot-high model of Trump Tower in New York City, highlighting one of its most intriguing, yet widely unnoticed features. This monumental piece furthers the social and political nature of Zwart’s work, and posits a profound statement about this unprecedented period in American politics.
Emboldened by the power of the “Pussy Revolution” at the Women’s March on Washington, Zwart envisioned a sculpture incorporating cats. Searching for images of Trump Tower online, she couldn’t believe what she saw: 21 trees perched on terraces on the building’s façade, arranged in the shape of a woman’s crotch. “It was too good,” Zwart said. She couldn’t resist. She built a Styrofoam and mirror board tower, replacing the trees with pink, kinetic, maneki-nekos (beckoning cat talismans). Zwart modified the cat’s arms and paws in order to offer a special “21 gun salute” to President Trump. Photographs of protestors marching in pink pussy hats will line the gallery walls surrounding Pussy Tower.
In addition, creative lighting will be on hand with helpful hints and 

We are very grateful to be at The Boston Sculptors Gallery for this April Creating Your Vision event.
This amazing art gallery is a beautiful space with plenty of light and amazing art resulting in no shortage of photogenic opportunities! 

486 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02118
(Located in SOWA District)

There will also be plenty of helpful guidance and suggestions to enhance your passion for artful photography.

Feel free to invite your friends or share this invite!

What to bring: 
Your creativity and open mind

Cost: $50 (cash or check) 

Street parking 

Meet and greet with refreshments at 9:30 am. 
Event is from 10-12 pm.


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