Every small town has its cafe where locals gather to sip coffee and take up parts of the paper or talk of the weather. The waitress writes down their orders, not needing to ask what they want. The The Looking Glass Cafe is such a place. Formally Sammie's Restaurant, My daughter Samantha and I used to ride our bikes there for breakfast where she literally thought the place was just for her. It kind of was . . .
I have enjoyed exhibiting my photography at The Looking Glass Cafe over the years and occasionally one or two will sell, covering my tab for awhile.
A couple of days ago I returned from Ireland to receive a phone call from the cafe saying that there was a man who wished to purchase ALL of my photographs on the spot. His wife had recently died from ovarian cancer and she was a local artist from Princeton, NJ.This man with the power of example, loved paying it forward and supporting local artists in his travels. 

I said yes. 

The arts are fundamental to our humanity. They ennoble and inspire us—fostering creativity, goodness, and beauty. They help us express our values, build bridges between cultures, and bring us together regardless of ethnicity, religion, or age. When times are tough, the arts are salve for the ache.

This holiday season, please genuinely support your local artists.


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