It is always a pleasure to see my photography supporting good causes such as Nick Autiello's campaign for state senator!

"When my great grandparents immigrated to America, they lived in a house that was on this spot, but has since been torn down. They were able to build a life here, and support my great aunts and uncles and my grandfather. Several of them fought in World War II, my grandfather was too young. 

I'm running for office to revive the spirit of those immigrants and the Greatest Generation, based on the values that none of us is an island unto ourselves, that we must make sacrifices in order to assure the continued survival of democracy and freedom, and that there are, in fact, things more important than oneself. 

The challenges we face in the coming years and decades may happen less conspicuously than the world moving events of the 1930's and 40's, but they will be no less dramatic in how they transform our lives. 

This week, Congress and the President wreaked havoc on the future once again. And their irresponsible selling out of our generation, which will further destroy our social contract in the coming years, is infuriating. 

It's time for a new generation of leadership in Rhode Island and in statehouses around the country who want to tackle the big issues we face: restoring our democracy and the value of citizenship, reducing inequality, and understanding how the huge technological trends we've barely begun to understand will shape our world, and what we need to do in response.
 — in Providence, Rhode Island."


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