MMAS Gallery Opening
Mansfield, Massachusetts

About Flute:

The Western Concert flute is a three part metal instrument, made of gold. Platinum or brass alloys. The standard concert flute is pitched in the key of C and has a range of 3 octaves starting from middle C (or one half-step lower with a B foot).

The Indian Bamboo flute is a much simpler instrument, but only in looks. Whether it is the North Indian Bansuri with six finger holes or the Carnatic flute with eight finger holes, even an ordinary player has to use half close/open hole configurations for several notes. With hundreds of identifiable ragas or keys, often distinguished from each other just by a single note in the ascent or the descent, it is a challenging instrument for anyone. An expert, who goes into micro-pitches for special effects, really lives on the edge, because even a false emphasis on a note(s) might land him in the wrong Raga. Since the Indian flutes, unlike a Western flute, are not pitched to a specific solfa syllable, and since the compositions are also not fixed to any specific pitch, any flute may be used for any composition.

About Prayuth Naduthota

Prayuth Naduthota is a Honor Sophomore student at Westford High School, MA. Prayuth learns Indian Flute from renowned Flute player V K Raman of Varginia and Mysore A Chandan Kumar, India. Prayuth started learning Flute at the age of 9 and did several solo and group performances in local venues like Peabody Essex Museum, Indian Hill music, Westford Academy, Hindu Temple, Chinmaya Center, NEKK, IAGB in the last few years. Prayuth won several music competitions: he won 3 first places in Cleveland last spring and first place in Senior category recently in Bridgewater, NJ. He is also learning Western Flute from the age of 6 and performed in Churches and in Indian Music Hill Littleton MA many times over the years. Prayuth is member of School Concert Band, Wind band and marching band; he got selected to Eastern Massachusetts concert band and given ‘FAME’ award for exceptional musical talent in Middle School and recently he played Flute for musical play ‘Chicago’ in School. Prayuth is active member of School debate club, math and Science club and he volunteers as Peer Counselor

Thank you Prayuth for sharing such wonderful music for the gallery opening!



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