On the second floor of an old barn in the medieval village of Athenry, Ireland I discovered a pair of plain shoes in an old battered cardboard suitcase. What was the Story of these shoes, the most humble of footwear, mere canvas and rubber, inexpensive and looking that way? At the time, I was assisting artist David Lang in a sculpture piece about shoes, their stories heard from each pair from the Voice of the wearer.
Perhaps we should liberate this footgear and place them in the work? Instead, the suitcase complete with Irish dust and cobwebs made it back to the states. Looking back, it seems appropriate that the vessel framing the storytelling shoes was granted new life for an artful project but I still think about those plain laceless shoes left behind in that Irish barn . . .


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Well i expect that human capabilities are unlimited so we have to believe in ourselves and always try to break all the boundaries. It is very useful info so we will talk about it with my students and discuss it.
-- Αρώματα, 8/23/19

okay how did Lang makes this happen? -- "the suitcase complete with Irish dust and cobwebs made it back to the states"
-- J Fatima Martins, 4/21/18

So much history in this picture!
-- Irina Gnedko, 4/20/18

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