Guestbook much to contemplate.. and such peacefulness.. thank you Suzan 6/11/09
-- Suzan L, 6/11/09

Sam GatesBeautiful! I like how you can take something so revolting or simple and make it look great!
-- Sam Gates, 6/11/09

Excellent...Beautiful, moving work!
-- Kimberly E. Burk, 6/9/09

So grateful to have stumbled upon your "sight".
-- Roxanne , 6/9/09

wow. one word, wow...
-- Emily Singleton Wiles, 5/18/09

your work is exquisite
-- Ron Augustine, 5/18/09

just want to say "AWESOME"
-- Azure, 5/12/09

you have a spooky beautiful eye. we are a fan of your work. gracias. xoxoxoxo
-- Coco Y Gil Corral, 5/7/09

Your work is breathtaking...I have been inspired! I am determined to continue to create and not lose my talent to the demands of my world. Thanks for sharing! Ciara
-- Ciara Jones, 5/5/09

Thank you for an amazing escape...
-- Jennifer, 5/2/09

thank you for posting your work
-- Ken, 5/1/09

David, it is amazing to see you art progress and grow. Never stop creating.
-- Mitch, 4/16/09

David, your beautiful photos are a magnificient story about life, past, presence, future and nature Just wonderful ! best wishes Genovee
-- Manu Genovee, 4/12/09

David, This is a beautiful collection of your lens. I liked the Natural Friends gallery especially "Helping Hand" and "Father Daughter" both had a real sweetness to them. I also loved the idea of your Art as therapy serene were the photos there but full of life and color...maybe the most vibrant. Thanks for sharing this with me.
-- Jennifer, 4/12/09

"The critic has to educate the public; the artist has to educate the critic.” O. Wilde Thank you...
-- Teri, 4/1/09

Dig the arches! Perhaps we may trade some print making? I have an Epson 9800 and Onyx RIP. Live in Sycamore IL. Cheers, P.
-- Phillip K. Mol, 3/27/09

Hello David, Thank you for gracing us with your amazing talent and precious gift of photography that the world is a better place through your eyes
-- Cindy Lorette, 3/27/09

I love them alll.. They are so beautiful!!You are so very talented, I really mean it!!
-- Mickey, 3/17/09

Your webpage is wonderful David! Thank you for the invitation! Let's alliteration here.....imaginative intriguing imagery, with perfect poetically prodding pensive prose! hehehe Well...seriously, you're awesome expressions are inspiring! ~~Gale
-- Gale, 3/15/09

I just love your chromosome image David! Also, your Newport Rhode Island wind pic. So many wonderful images. Fantastic website! I travelled around your beautiful part of the world by myself in 1999 for 3 weeks and all your photos brought back happy memories of places I had been. You have captured so well its essence.
-- Virginia Star - Australia, 3/10/09

David - thank you for inviting me to your website. The words are lovely; the images devine. You see the world through beautiful eyes - never stop seeing it that way!
-- Michelle, 3/10/09

Aaah Daaaviiiid... The NATURAL FRIENDS collection grabbed both eyes and demanded that I stare for a while... Thank you for letting me see parts of this planet through your eyes...
-- Kelly, 3/10/09

David ..I lurve your work! I especially like "Across the knife edge, Helping Hand, Dragonfly and Lil Red Barn..but the ones that pull at my heart are Fire and Friends!
-- Julie Gilmore, 3/8/09

You have been busy. Many new pieces added since I've visitied. Just 'beautifulness'. Your work inspires me. If ever you choose to add western art to your day, well...!!! Be well, thank you, and never stop shooting.
-- Lisa Croce, 3/1/09

We met at Mt. Tom reservation when I was on an outing with my 91 year old father. Thank you for your photo help. The memories will last forever and the photos you took will be shared with my family and friends. Your creativity, imagination and photographic eye are an artistic blessing. Your web site is very impressive as you have captured the life that was and is, in so much of your work. From Aunt Maggie's truck to the Bar Harbor sailing ship your camera brings life again to the images you capture. I hope our paths cross again and look forward to hearing from you. The photos of Dad next to your bike gave that extra touch of personality to a man that has enjoyed a long life, a great wife of 62 years and 7 loving children. Seize the day and with your camera and imagination, capture it forever. Craig Meyer
-- Craig Meyer, 1/6/09

Beautiful pictures, thank you for sending me the link. Your talent leaves me speechless. Amazing!
-- Elissa Levin, 12/30/08

How wonderful to discover this part of you. Just remembering working with you on some old clients at Butler and someone told me about your artistic side. Good luck and may the earth treat you well. Chris
-- Christine Robitaille, 12/30/08

I love your work and the impression it leaves with just draws me into your world, beautiful!
-- Pat Kupfer, 12/25/08

great pictures
-- Wayne Dic, 12/19/08

On behalf of the Library Trustees I wish to thank you for sharing your photographs with our library patrons. There were many positive comments about your work and your display enhanced several meetings and programs which were held in the Copeland Room. I appreciate your time in arranging the display and wish you much success in the future.
-- Abington Public Library, 12/16/08

Absolutely breathtaking pictures David. I want to get lost in your photos- where's the entrance?
-- Elise, 11/10/08

This man is indeed a true artist! Perspective, clarity and beauty. His lens captures the profound beauty in simple things. This is a gift!
-- Irene, 9/29/08

David, Your photography is beautiful. Like you've never been told that before! Some of your ideas bring back memories of things I've seen or done. Pleasant thoughts for a time. Best of luck with your work.
-- Mary, 9/27/08

Amazing photos here! Nice work!
-- Lisa Kessler, 9/27/08

"love the interaction of man and nature. You do a lovely job of merging man with the scenery. I really enjoy your work!"
-- Angie, 8/29/08

thanks, David,for such fabulous photo art-----I always enjoy your beautifully expressive pictures---DORIS
-- Doris Bassett, 8/29/08

Love your photos...You have an eye for the beautiful!
-- Laurie, 8/29/08

What thought and feeling provoking pictures! Thank you
-- Mary, 7/3/08

It's hard to improve upon the raw beauty of nature by framing it. You are one of the rare artists that accomplishes that. Thanks for sharing your views!
-- Melissa, 7/2/08

You are such an amazing artist, thank you for letting me see the beauty of your art work.
-- Bonnie Reynolds, 7/1/08

Love that......expect nothing, live frugally on surprise.....simple, but profound. Love it. You really have some interesting, thought provoking, sensitive and just darn right beautiful quotes throughout your site.....some take my breath away !! Just.....WOW !! ...great photos accompanied by great nice.... kinda like peanut butter and have combined them all so well together......sweet !!! - Deb, 06/10/08
-- Debbie Delaney, 6/24/08

Father-Daughter and Helping Hand are of my daughter and I. They are Great!! I had forgotten about this and came upon the card you gave me. I was thrilled to see the pictures on your site. You really have some beautiful work.
-- Andrew Bullock, 6/12/08

What a pleasant view such beautiful work, of an old, familiar name....
-- Phyllis, 6/10/08

Your pictures tell the words need to be said, they already say it!
-- Karen Bajowski, 5/23/08

I am looking forward to seeing your work. Best regards, Devon
-- Devon, 5/5/08

thank you for sharing your vision...
-- Misty Dawn, 4/9/08

I love all the ones with water, but Emerald Pool really grabbed me.
-- Tania, 4/4/08

Your photos inspire a warm peaceful feeling within.... what a treat
-- Shirley, 3/26/08

Good to see you again. What's with the code?
-- Sandi & Marty Leroux, 3/18/08

I love the nature photo's best. Excalibur is amazing. Nature IS Amazing! Peace+love to you.
-- Cj, 3/15/08

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