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Congratulations, David
-- Erik Pevernagie, 1/16/20

Hi David, love the trees and all they represent standing alone, maybe two or a whole forest. I am in love with your Celtic window and I see you will be in Cambridge, I so hope to make one of your showings and I'm wondering if "Celtic Window"will be at either on of the exhibits??
-- Maryedna, 8/1/18

You look like a happy guy, like it might be contageous!
-- Wilson Hunt, 5/29/18

Wow. Just wow. I really enjoyed reviewing your work. Especially enjoyed 'the wandress' ;)
-- Chris M., 3/6/18

David, thank you for your diversity. You are an immensely creative photographer, and you apply your vision to a wide range of subjects and styles. Your work is always interesting. I very much appreciate that.
-- Joni Lohr, 1/8/18

David, thank you for making our maternity shoot a wonderful experience. The pictures are truly beautiful and capture the love we have for each other as well as the love we have for our little bundle that will be arriving soon. You are incredibly talented and fun to work with. Thank you again for capturing this special time in our lives!
-- Kellyn And Michael Goncalves , 8/5/14

Very cool stuff. Hope all is well & dreams are getting pursued.
-- Melanie Madden, 2/18/14

I am thinking, actually hoping, that if Ireland has an exhibit of your work, then Cambridge just might have such good fortune. Just wonderful amazing talent..thank you!
-- Maryedna, 6/18/13

Love your galleries.
-- Diana Young, 3/23/13

Wonderful your art captivates! Was at a small restaurant in Wrentham MA that had your work. Fantastic..!
-- Lisa E, 8/9/12

Great work... inspirational! Thanks
-- Debbie Allen, 6/4/12

David, Asylum, Reflections and Whimsy series are those very rare kind of art works which everytime we look at, make our mind rewrite a new is, at the same time, realism and surrealism both working the deep of our souls. Congratulations David!
-- Fernando Rôlla, 8/26/11

You're work is absolutely amazing David! It caught my eye 6 years ago & is an inspiration to me even now. You successfully capture the soul/spirit of every subject that you interact with perfectly. You convey to the viewer the depth of your passion and make them stop and think. I look forward to seeing more!
-- Corinna M. Hypes, 6/17/11

Love your work. I especially felt the Asylum series. Can't be explained... it just is. Thank you.
-- Cybil, 6/13/11

Paddle boarding at Claflin Landing in Chatham is such a serene experience and I'm so glad you were able to capture it. I don't mind sharing the water with hungry seals but I hope a shark never mistakes me for food. Amazing photos, can't wait to see more. See ya out on the water!
-- Molly, 6/10/11

Your work taps into a certain part of my mind. It makes me think. There are so many stories that I create looking at just one photo. Thank you!
-- Melanie Moore, 6/1/11

very interesting. Reminds me of Christmas in Purgatory...
-- Kate, 5/27/11

Sherry SolowBrilliant!!
-- Sherry Solow, 1/26/11

Excellent website!I enjoyed looking through your gallery.Beautiful work David
-- Jaime, 1/26/11

Hello! It was wonderful working with you this past saturday at the Asylum shoot. Look forward to seeing the photos. Thank You. =)
-- Kimberly Hutchings, 1/9/11

Photography by David Lee Black Studios. All images copyrighted.