San Francisco, Ca.  2022; Model and MC Derek Wong continues to audition for projects during the COVID month of 2020 and 2012 

Derek is currently pursuing his MA in Human Physiology and in preparation for his MD goal of becoming a surgeon. As of Summer 2014, he is currently on an academic break to explore his side career as a inspirational speaker, MC and fashion model.

At the young age of 16, Derek came to the United States for his college years at Foothill College in Los Altos Ca. In the vein of chasing the American dream, he is given the chance to explore the sciences where he found his true calling.

Foothill College became a turning point in his journey, where he first stood on stage as a Master of Ceremonies and discovered the importance of his role in presenting and inspiring the audience while making them laugh; he also learned about the importance of a comforting and engaging dialogue with groups of people.

Wong's experiences would solidify his convictions of the importance of communication, by way of simplicity through efficiency, of complex and technical ideas so that knowledge can be given to all that seek to understand.

During a recent hiatus from academia, Derek worked with World Asia Events (WAE) that let him see things from the other side of the curtain and piqued his interest in someday being a host. That same year, Wong returned to an old past-time; boxing. He trained alongside a national boxing team members at, nationally recognized as one of the best boxing gyms in the country, in prep for the 27th Southeast Asian games in Myanmar. This gave him new views on strength and health of the mind as well as the body which he tested in amateur matches at the welterweight division.

Derek has also worked closely as a counselor for HIV+ individuals seeking emotional support. Fulfilling his desire to serve those in need, he would be exposed to the range of individuals living with the virus. Here he saw through the eyes of patients the necessity of compassion and empathy in verbal and body language and further set his him in his path towards a Medical career.

Derek continues to volunteer at the UCSF Cancer Resource Center. In similar fashion to his experiences as a HIV+ counselor, he provides information and emotional support to patients at various stages of cancer, often terminal. The drive of servitude comes from his innate belief in the necessity of the human element for those who may not understand and fear their situation, providing whatever help possible. As Wong heads towards this goal, he enjoys giving himself to those that need a figure to represent them in the most professional and presentable manner, presenting not just for his himself but for others.

Derek is excellent on stage as an MC or Motivational speaker.  His current fashion sessions have received five star reviews.

“Derek is a true talent on stage, in front of the camera, and on the runway. His stage presents and timing is professional as any TED speaker I have had the pleasure to work with” - Vmedia (Vince Media)

"Derek has amazing potential." - Việt Lê, artist, writer, and curator. Professor  California College of the Arts (San Francisco | Oakland).

Mr. Wong is a rising young talent with proven potential. As he continues to get calls from local designers, stages and photographers, he will be an important talent to cast in your next project or live event. He is dedicated to his craft and on the talent path to succeed in this business and the medical profession.


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Derek Wong is now signed with SF BOOM Agency