I have 4 of your tropical fish, perfect condition, I want to sell. We are moving back to the Mainland and I have no room for them. Ringtail Surgeon Fish, Hawaiian Whitespotted Toby,Stocky Hawkfish (Poo Paa), Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse. Thanks
-- Judi Faris, 3/22/20

My children bought an octopus for me for Mother’s Day when we visited the Seattle Aquarium last year. I love it, it’s so beautiful! Would love to have a sea turtle if you ever have one. Thank you
-- Sandy Laustra, 3/13/20

Lovely work!
-- Debra M Maxwell, 10/9/18

I purchased 4 turtles around 2004 from a art store in Kaneohe, HI. I am just curious about the history and if you still produce them. Thank you - Kay
-- Kay Zukeran, 9/5/18

I am always so happy at the Anacortes Art Festival when I see that you will be my "neighbor" for the weekend. You and Tim are so wonderful. Thanks for yet another fun weekend.
-- Nancy Wistrom, 8/6/18

Love your work and can't wait to get more!!!
-- Suzy, 5/13/17

Hi Dian, I bought 2 fish from you the last year we showed in the Anacortes Art Show. Wanted to get the octopus, but we stopped doing shows.
-- Lori Boring, 7/31/16

Seattle Hope to see you at upcoming events. Any Seattle or surrounding areas events soon? I love your work and beautiful artistry.
-- Ronda Stevenson, 5/28/16

Sooooo beautiful. Do you sell your work?
-- Aimèe Artigliere , 3/3/16

Aloha Dian, See you this August to buy some fishes from you stash!
-- Jerrod Kam, 6/8/15

Just got a notice from your website...I don't like clicking links so thought I would check in and say Hello instead. Never sure if the link is legit! I love the pieces of your work that I have collected thus far. Had hoped husband would bring me more when he visited his dad last summer. Maybe this year.
-- Asta , 1/29/15

Aloha Dian, Awesome, Beautiful the site, looking forward seeing more soon..A Hui Hou & God Bless You, Tim & 'Ohana..
-- Skip & Diane Wright, 8/31/14

Hi Dian. I work with Hope and want to buy one of your gorgeous triggerfish to go with the other works of your I love. I want to hang it vertically though with the head pointed up. That's how the space is oriented.... Taller than it is wide. Is there a way the hanger could be oriented that way? Thank you!!
-- Bridget Clawson, 2/16/14

Just bought a small octopus by you at the Seattle Aquarium. Was amused at your name since I grew up a Dangler in Nebraska. Rare name -- we might be related. Keep up the good work.
-- Mary Ann Dangler Linder, 1/24/14

Hi Dian. We purchased two ceramic sea turtles of yours at Jeff Chang's Kaneohe shop about 7 years ago. We love them; mama and keiki. We hope to visit one of your festival booths in 2014; please post your dates! Mahalo. Carl and Stella Neuman, San Diego. 12/29/13
-- Carl Neuman, 12/29/13

Hello, My family, especially myself, love your pieces. My boys love the Christmas ornaments, and want me to ask if you will have any sea monsters or wolf eels this holiday season. Thank you Sophia and my boys.
-- Sophia Hatcher, 9/17/13

sent you an e mail looking for a piece I had purchased att one of your shows
-- Judy Asp, 8/17/13

I first met you in 2005 at the Art by the Bay festival. We saw you again on our next visit. We have five pieces of your work...and my husband was JUST there to visit again, looked for you at the fair in Stanwood. We love your work and would like to collect more pieces. Hope to connect again some time. My inlaws live on Camano Island also. Greetings from Tennessee.
-- Asta H. Werme, 7/14/13

I enjoyed viewing your work at Edmonds Art Festival 2013. I was hoping to see more of your work on your web site. I would like to purchase a Sea Otter sculpture as a gift. I would have purchased it then but the person I wanted to buy it for was with me. Do you sell your work online and how do I view more of your work ie Sea Otters? Have a great evening.
-- Terri Martz, 6/22/13

Hi Dian, We purchased one of your glazed octopus from Seattle Aquarium. How can we look at your items for sale on line. Love the octopus we bought.
-- Connie & Richard, 5/17/13

Hello Dian I greatly admired the octopus pieces viewed during the "Best of the Northwest" art show. I hope to acquire a few of those pieces when I see you next time.
-- Mohan Thomas, 3/25/13

You do fabulous work. I have 3 of your octopus and am looking for another big one. I would also like to see the sea horses but they are not on your site...where can I find a price list????
-- Beverley Knobel, 3/22/13

Dear Dian, I am just overcome with your art, how beautiful. I have such a love a for marine life and the ocean. Your octopi are beautiful. I am especially interested in the Raku octopus on your website. The one you have listed on the third row (on the end). I was wondering what your pricing was for these. I live in Kansas and unfortunately am not able to make it to one of your festival shows. Please let me know if would be possible to order one via the web and for how much. Also, how much for the small, med, and large octopi. All my best, Michele Riddle Gardner, KS
-- Michele Riddle, 2/10/13

We have missed seeing your work around town and the shop. We like those octopus, and have three of them. Beautiful work! 6-12-2012
-- Sophie A. Kilby, 6/12/12

First found you at the festival on Camano Island (held at a school?). Have managed to visit my in-laws when that festival was being held so we could come find you again though it has now been several yrs. LOVE your work..we have a number of small pieces...octopus, crab, sea turtle...
-- Asta H Werme, 2/9/12

I love your work! I handcarried a large and a medium octopus back from Hawaii to Seattle several years ago. I've added several tiny octopuses to the collection from the Seattle Acquarium's gift shop during octopus week. I love your Raku goldfish!
-- Amber Q., 10/7/11

Dian, I havae five of your fantastic, exquisite glazed fish, and would like to add more to my collection. Do you sell online from your website, and where might I find your pricelist? Thank you so much! Your fish bring us so much joy each day! Thanks! Bonnie
-- Bonnie Mikoleit, 9/8/11

I have 26 of your pieces and would like some more, but it is so difficult to buy from you. How do we buy from you?
-- Gary Seibert, 7/10/11

I saw some of your beautiful work at the gift shop in the Seattle Aquarium over the weekend. Now I wish I had purchased one of the octopi peoples. Do you have work on display in Oregon?
-- Alice Evans, 5/17/11

Do you have 2011 dates?
-- Susie Dial, 2/5/11

Your work is amazing. I love marine life myself and have a great love for the ocean, it is my hobby. One of my favorite animals are sea turtles, the Greens, Kemp Ridley's, and of course the Loggerheads. Have you made any sea turtles? Best regards, Michele L. Riddle Gardner, KS
-- Michele Riddle, 1/28/11

Aloha Dian, It must have 17 years ago or so we bought a Commerson's Frogfish ( yellow with black dots ) from you in Oahu at a store in Pearlridge?. We just love it. We are both divemasters since 1984 in Maui,Love the ocean like you, and would like to purchase your Large Octopuss. Thanks in advance for the information, Jim and Robyn Friend
-- Jim Friend, 6/13/10

Hi Dian. We bought an Octopus of yours yesterday from Cattails and Dragonflies in LaConner, WA. Its' beautiful. Cheers!
-- Scott & Gillian Heal, 4/26/10

I bought 3 of your beautifully designed fish 5 years ago. I have enjoyed them immensely over the years. The colors are happy colors! I always wanted to get a few more for my collection when I could, and yesterday at "Best of the Northwest" I bought two more. They look fantastic! Thank you for your beautiful work.
-- Carol Friedman, 3/29/10

I would like to purchase some of your ceramic fish.
-- Kari Lyn Basham, 9/14/09

What about Hawaiian Sea Turtles? Do you have any examples of thoses? Hi Dian and Tim! I hope you are both doing well. I am interetsed in a sea turtle for my kitchen renovation actually. Id love to mount one to my ceiling if possible. Give me a shout and we can touch base or at least catch up on the time. Love, Mark, Allison, Abby and Drew (519) 787-1693
-- Mark Wilson, 7/18/09

Wonderful to meet you and experience your amazingly beautiful Art again! Thank you for sharing it! Color is one remedy for healing and yours made me feel so uplifted today! You have a wonderful eye for color combinations!
-- Akasya Maya, 5/10/09

Hi Dian, My booth was across from yours at the last Best of the NW, Seattle Center. I am so enamored with your incredible work. Its realism, colors & artistic details amaze me. What talent you have...! Susan
-- Susan Mooring, 4/19/09

-- Dan, 4/13/09

Dian, Thank you so much for your darling 'voluptuous mermaid' I bought at the Center Best of NW today. I treasure her.
-- Bobbi M Bradstreet, 4/5/09

I love your work. Keep going and do not stop. Great subject matter!
-- Joshua Morrell, 3/31/09

I love your work! I have two octopi - a large and a baby.
-- Amber Quintal, 3/11/09

Hi your raku work!
-- Mary Lou Callahan, 2/3/09