I have been a Professional Artist for over 35 years and have accumulated a massive portfolio of works. I have estimated having created/painted  well over 25,000 pieces of art and it continues to expand as I seek more ways to express my creativity.
  I use every type of media on just about every surface you can paint on and there seems to be endless ideas for the next series or concept.
I am continually searching for that new and unique way to present a subject.
 My greatest love is to study and paint Wildlife, but I have never been limited to creating just one subject...Figurative and abstracts and even a series of over 300 mermaids are contained in my artistic endeavors. As well I love to work dimensionally and have created large wall sculptures from canvas, wood , plexiglass and other materials.
   Through out my life  I have had a passion for  designing clothing and jewelry  and became involved in stage ,costume and Theatre Production for a few years.
   Mastering and using an airbrush for more than 16 years I learned an entirely different approach to creating artworks and have painted well over 100 murals in my career!!
I feel that being fortunate enough to make my living by doing what I love the most is all a person could ever ask for!!
   The fact that people desire to own and display in their homes something I have created is always a wonderful and amazing thing to me! I truly am a thankful artist with  more ideas to come!!!


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