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I have never been so impressed by an artist - professionally or personally - as I was on my first meeting with you. Your talent - amazing, and you soul as beautiful as your work.
-- Cindie Vanderbur, 7/21/15

Love your art!
-- Cheryl Mcdade-bybee, 7/25/13

diana, was just thinking about you as someone mentioned george jones and i remembered your daughter was good friends with georgette. trust you are well. best regards and continued best wishes for you all. pete
-- Pete Rich, 2/8/13

Hi Diana, I'm sorry to see you've moved to S.C. No wonder I've missed you at the Art Fest by the Sea. In 2002 I was mesmerized by your white tiger with blue eyes. I saw it in the AM and waited all day trying not to buy it. However, I couldn't leave without it and at 4:30 I succombed and it remains one of the most wonderful pieces of art that I own. I still adore it. Your work is just gorgeous! Thanks, Bobbi
-- Bobbi Novicky, 3/19/12

Hi Diana, Your site is lovely, I will be in touch with you soon. Thanks so much Betz
-- Betz Cook, 1/16/12

Did you paint a work entitled "assorted chocolates' in 2006? I've acquired it and like it alot...Thanks -
-- Chris Wilke, 7/3/11

Stunning work...amazing talent!!!
-- Bobbie Murphy, 6/14/11

I have an airbrushed picture of a native American women wrapped in a blanket and holding a clay jug and I was wondering if it is your work or another artis of the same name.
-- Kevin Ouellette, 4/20/11

I have come into posession of a very nice black and white tropical fish floating in a pastel blue sea. It is approximately 7 in. by 9 in and signed by you. Could you tell me more about it. Thank you.
-- Ed Ofgant, 11/17/10

Hi Diana, It is great to see your work ! T
-- Tina Camilli, 9/4/10

Absolutely GORGEOUS work! I LOVE it! I just found this site TONIGHT (2010!) doing a search for you. :) I am so happy to be able to admire more of your wonderful artistry on this site! I see some pieces that I have never seen before. Your work in art brings such enjoyment! :) BRAVO! Hugs to you and yours, Sherri
-- Sherri Minker, 8/16/10

Fabulous art work you are a true inspiration to anyone who has the pleasure to view your work! Glad to have joined this site to.
-- James Lasenby, 2/23/10

hi sis .love you .drop me a line by
-- Your Brother, 9/23/09

HAve you ever done any sea shells?
-- Markcrane, 7/20/09

Hello old friend it is such a pleasure to go to your website and see your beautiful work . One day I walked in to some friends house and much to my surprise through out their house was your work I told them that I actually had known you at one time in my life I told them I had the same shells in my bathroom . I really liked the lions that you do . I'm going to show them to my husband and see if we can add them to our prayer room please get back with me I would like to know if you have any prints .A.K.A JOANIE HARTWELL XXXOOO
-- Joanie , 10/4/08

Hello! Just Googled my name and came up with yours! What's really funny is that I too am an illustrator! ("Horses, dogs, cats and kids, no lizards please") Your work is so prolific and so wonderful! Kepp on keeping on - Sincerely, DiDi Martin
-- Diana August Martin, 5/7/08

Hi Diana. My name is Larry Johnson and I am a free lance Illustrator. because I work in many styles I was trying to find a reasonable way of creating sites for each specific topic and came across Zhibit. I loved the concept they had but wasn't thrilled with some of the sites until I came across your's. love it! Love your work, very qualitative. Because of you I will be building my qon site, actually 2 of them. I presently have a site: Please feel free to give it a look. Thanks.
-- Larry Johnson, 4/7/08

Diana, I'm a graphic artist and do very commercial stuff. I love illustration, sculpture and pottery. I am just very impressed with the high quality of your design and illustration. I just wanted to cheer you on. JZ
-- Jill Ziegler, 3/25/08