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Green Sanctuary Green Sanctuary
Oil paintings on natural tone linen depict our relationship with Nature. Inspired by the Green Sanctuary project and Unitarian Universalist Seventh Principle "Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part."

Animal Friends Animal Friends
Portraits of animals with something to say.

Portraits Portraits
Commissioned work -- Oil on canvas, created from your favorite photographs with interim review.  Send digital photos and the artist will let you know if she can work from them. If so, she will discuss dimensions, framing and price.  16" X 20" canvas is recommended.  Interim review at the artist's studio and/or digital reviews are part of the package.  Six weeks to complete. 

Dreamscapes Dreamscapes
Pieces created from the artist's imagination. These have stories folded inside them the artist wants to tell. 

Raise a Glass Raise a Glass
Work featuring beverages and glassware to commemorate special places and events or just for fun. Commissions featuring glassware are especially welcome. 

Inspired by Music Inspired by Music
Art inspired by Music.

Other Dimensions Other Dimensions
Here you'll find anything I've made with more (or less in the case of notecards) than two dimensions. 
I favor rounded shapes like gourds and goose eggs and garden creations like representations of the Green Man.