"Maddy", Oil on Canvas, 36x30

Born in Russia
1973 - 1977    Middle School for Young Artists
1981 - 1983    BA Abramtseva Art College, Moscow Suburb
1990 - 1993    MA Academy of Art, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
2000 - 2006    Continuing Art Education, Private Instruction Professors Psarov and Yarovai

Shows and Exhibitions:
April, 2000       Kazakhstan Academy of Art entitled “Lilacs” Best in Show
May, 2000        Exhibition of Commonwealth of Independent Member States, 
                       Central Palace of Culture, Moscow, Russia (Published - Lilacs on a Table)
2001-2006       “ONER” State and Privately owned Gallery, 
                       Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
2001- 2006      “Shezhire” State and Privately owned Gallery, 
                        Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
2006-Present     Russian Cultural Center Sponsored Exhibition, 
                        Kazakhstan Cultural Center, 
                        Astana, Rebublic of Kazakhstan
2006- Present    Exhibition coinciding with Religious Tolerance Conference, 
                        United Nations, Palace of Peace, Astana, Rebublic of Kazakhstan
2007- Mar         Art Expo New York, Javitz Convention Center 
2007- Sep         Art Expo Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay Convention Center  
2007-8 Oct-Mar Wynwood District, Miami, Florida (multiple galleries-see events link) 
2008 Jan-Apr    Coffee Gallery, Spring Lake Art Gallery, Spring Lake, MI (see events link) 
2008- Mar        Art Expo New York, Javitz Convention Center

Professional Affiliations:
Oil Painters of America
Portrait Society of America
National Association of Independent Artists
National Oil and Acrylic Painters' Society
Art League and Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, Virginia, USA
National Association of Artists, Kazakhstan
I was born in Siberia and developed a love for painting and the arts at a very young age. My mother, a very strong influence in my life, recognized my passion and enrolled me in a youth art center where I indulged everyday after school. Watercolors were the medium of choice during my childhood but in my teens began experimenting with oils. From the first moment the brush touched the canvas, I understood there was no returning to watercolors.

I draw my inspiration from nature mostly, colors of the forest, meadows and prairies and textures, shapes and diverse scents of fruit. My intense desire to translate the beauty of nature at a given moment onto canvas drives my art. I continually strive, day in and day out to further refine my developed skills to more effectively capture that snapshot of the sun shining across a mountain vista or a cloud at a given moment. A moment that will eventually be gone forever, a moment that I want to share with the world through my painting.

As I continue my journey through this blessed and wonderful life, I will continually strive to honestly capture my subject to the best of my abilities. 


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