There is always something to anticipate, whether celebratory or sad. Commonplace items are signifiers of function and the same reverence set aside for celebration and mourning is not reserved for cooking dinner or paying bills. Are routine experiences less important or memory-worthy than celebratory moments? What is the purpose of celebration? Is it empty, bound to disappoint, or is it ritualistic punctuation of the mundane? How is meaning assigned to experience? These are some of the questions my work addresses.

My recent bodies of work utilize carriers of celebration such as cake, sprinkles, and confetti in addition to über traditional and loaded symbols such as gold leaf in an attempt to understand the paradoxical hierarchy of experiential value. I use a wide range of materials and approaches in my studio practice, paying Homage to monotony and subjugating celebration with chaos in a desperate attempt to capture fleeting moments while simultaneously surrendering to the inevitability of change.