Image Credit: Heather Allison Love Photography

Erin Elizabeth is a conceptual artist and utilizes non-traditional materials such as cake and sprinkles along with gold leaf in order to explore questions about banality, celebration, and experiential value. Harry Sidebotham is first and foremost a painter. He engages in the tradition of painting, investigating scientific theories such as parallel dimension theory.They have two young children and a collaborative studio practice that assumes the identity, Elizabeth / Sidebotham.

Elizabeth / Sidebotham embraces the paradox presented by the intersection of a traditional domestic landscape and artistic productivity. The work reflects the sacrifices, challenges, and joy of parenthood. Fragility interplays with strength. Reverence replaces frivolity.The materials, forms, and modes of productions are infused with memory and sentimentality and exist in a state of premature nostalgia.There is profundity in the banal, but it is also spectacularly boring.  Elizabeth / Sidebotham strives to capture this contradiction.