I am proud to announce I was awarded 2nd place in the 2D and 3D religious art competition ' The Rhythm of Life '.

My entry was inspired by the novel " I can jump puddles "

The winning entry was a wonderful sculpture by Brian Sanstrom titled  "Crux"  very simple yet very profound. Congratulations Brian,

The peoples choice award went to Walter Magilton for " All I see is black " fantastic work Walter ... Bravo.

The standard of work in the competition was excellent, every piece was very good, I was lucky to get 2nd.

The whole festival was a wonderful ,entertaining and uplifting experience.

Congratulations to all those who worked so hard on the festival and I hope it becomes a annual event.              Cheers Felice



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FullerEnterprises  Pamela FullerBravo!! I like this sculpture.
-- FullerEnterprises Pamela Fuller, 10/28/09

-- Anonymous, 9/25/09

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