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Abstract Drawings Abstract Drawings
Abstract Drawings Professional Photos

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Spiritual Drawings  Spiritual Drawings
Spiritual Drawings Abstract Inspired by the Popes visit to Australia.

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Amateur photos Good photos comming

Paintings on Canvas Paintings on Canvas
Abstract Paintings Professional Photos

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Paintings on board Paintings on board
Abstract Paintings . Amateur photos

NEW Stuff BAD photos NEW Stuff BAD photos
Some of my new stuff my crappy photos all Oil on canvas.

Odds n Sods Odds n Sods
More Drawings and mixed media work , Amateur Photos

New Drawings  New Drawings
Some drawings I have done in the last few months

Experiments Experiments
Just having a play with different styles ,my first landscape for decades and one in Pollock style. 

My Studio "The Door" My Studio "The Door"
These are photos of my studio that I have redecorated after the style of Jackson Pollock.

My Studio  My Studio
Some Photos of where I Live ,Work n Play

Newer Stuff Bad Photos Newer Stuff Bad Photos
some paintings I have done in the last 6 months since may 09

Bushfires  Bushfires
These works were done on and after Black Saturday they depict my view from Pyalong of the fires , back to Kilmore and across to Wandong.

Acrylic Experiments Acrylic Experiments
Just experimenting with acrylic paint on canvas for the first

New Acrylic 2011-12 New Acrylic 2011-12
Enjoying working with Acrylic.

Alice Springs Alice Springs
After being in Alice for a month absorbing all the amazing spiritual feelings this place exudes..... I have finally started doing some studies on small plates which I will use to make some nice canvases from..... They are simply titled Spiritual 1-12

2013  Acrylic Paintings ... 2013 Acrylic Paintings ...
2013  Acrylic Paintings ..
Painted in Alice Springs

Recent works 2014 Recent works 2014
Collaboration with Neil Mcleod

Drawings from the exhibition ... The Confessional Box.. Drawings from the exhibition ... The Confessional Box..
Illustrating the Sins of the clergy 

Rock Sculptures Wisemans Ferry Rock Sculptures Wisemans Ferry
I have been living at beautiful Wisemans Ferry in a house overlooking the Hawkesbury River .... Painting,Drawing and I decided to try my hand at doing some rock sculptures along the driveway coming down to the house. I really enjoy doing them and I add another couple every week .... it is a long driveway and there are plenty of rocks to choose from. I hope you enjoy them .

Felice Cipriani abstract art 

 Felice CiprianiPoint Vernon, QL, Australia0417 088773 Peter