Can't go back
Can't go back

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Felice....there is a lot going on in that mind of yours. A lot of conflict, imagination and mystery. I went through and saw all of your are good. The ones I liked the best were Parrots of War and Toxic Wasteland. Parrots of War...I loved the movement and your colors. The held together well. The one thing that I felt was jarring were the two reds...the main one at the bottom and the smaller one at the top. The top on was placed directly over the main one and I felt it should have been more off center and a tad closer to your center of interest...the main red. Other than that it is a wonderful painting. Toxic Wasteland depicts exactly that. Your suggested textures are superb. I couldn't live with this painting in my home but that is not the is a very well painted scene. Keep going through to the other side as your colors will be calmer. Keep up the good work. gwen fox
-- Gwen Fox, 3/26/10

Felice Cipriani abstract art 

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